Travel in Style

Travel in Style takes you on a journey of class, culture, and luxury, to some of the most unique and seductive locations on the planet. There is no ordinary way to travel, so Travel in Style.


Monaco and Venice

View hotel properties that are fit for a prince or princess in the passionate and warm locale of Monaco. See Venice, Italy's largest urban car-free area, featuring 15th century buildings and ancient courtyards.

Super Yachts

Portofino, which has attracted celebrity visitors such as Grace Kelly and Greta Garbo, is just one of the beautiful ports that can be seen with a luxury yacht. Sail aboard your hotel on the seas, with this year-round option of travel.

Capetown and Blue Mountains

Ride along the coast by helicopter in a land where sightseeing never ends. Capetown is full of the most idyllic beaches, sweeping coastlines, and scenic mountain ranges 3,000 feet above sea level.

Switzerland and Sweden

Take the Matterhorn Express, a special mountaintop railway, nearly 32,000 feet up the snow covered meadows of Zermatt. Visit the most unique hotels in the world, with one made from an igloo and another featuring the remains of a 12th century tower.

Bora Bora and Maldives

Travel to Bora Bora where one of a kind bungalow's allow guests to view the ocean floor right from their bedroom. Next stop, the Maldives, one of the top five places in the world for dolphin sightings with 20 different species.

Peru and Brazil

Travel to Peru for a relaxing stay at Las Casitas Del Colca. Experience luxury and tranquility of the Colca valley at 3,260 meters above sea level. Next stop, a wild adventure with an upclose view of Igauza Falls in Brazil; the widest in the world!

Italy and Portugal

Ravello is home to the most magnificent stretch of coast in Italy and boutiques and cafe's line the cobblestone streets. The Algarve in Portugal is home to sandy beaches and ragged cliffs. Spend a day on the water exploring the caves of Lagos.

Jamaica and Mauritius

Mauritius is a melting pot of cultures. Spend some time at Le Saint Geran and experience water skiing or a peaceful excursion through the botanical gardens. Jamaica is the third largest island in the Caribbean and prime for scuba diving.

London and Sydney

Sydney, the most expensive city in Australia. Redefine luxury at a boutique hotel and dine at a restaurant only accessible by sea or air. London welcomes you with vast green parks and gardens. Enjoy traditional afternoon tea at the Brown's hotel.

Barcelona and Berlin

Barcelona is rich with architecture. Take time to explore Gaudi's Unfinished Church and Park Güell. The Charlottenburg Palace is the largest and only surviving royal residence in Berlin and the remains of the Berlin Wall has become a work of art.

Cyprus and Ibiza

Cyprus is the largest island in the Mediterranean. Larnaka is a popular tourist spot and a swim around Aphrodite's Rock is rumored to provide eternal beauty. Ibiza is a cosmopolitan island and open waters and pine forests provide an array of beauty.

Johannesburg and Botswana

High up on a ridge overlooking the city of Johannesburg, a 5-star hotel awaits your arrival. Spend a day exploring the lush gardens or escape to the local zoo. Botswana is home to stunning views of natural wildlife and luxury accommodations.

Goa and Singapore

Goa is for lovers of sun, sea and sand. Beach front resorts provide spectacular views with amazing amenities. Singapore, the smallest nation in Southeast Asia provides luxury shopping and one of a kind rooms at the New Majestic Hotel.

Brazil, Sweden & Switzerland

Take a cable car to the top of Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio, Brazil and stay at the luxury Copacabana Palace hotel. In Sweden, head to Kiruna and cool down at the Icehotel. Next, travel to Zermott, Switzerland and stay in an igloo on the ski trails.

Mexico & the Eastern Orient-Express

Travel to award winning Maroma Beach in Riviera Maya, Mexico. This unique beach offers luxury accommodations and powdered sands that never get hot. Next, head to Bangkok and take a ride on the Orient Express and experience luxurious cabins.

France & Prague

With some of the finest scenery in France. take a ride down the Canal du Midi on a one of a kind boutique barge. The capital and second largest city in the Czech Republic, Prague, is home to the world's largest occupied castle in the world.

Jersey & Italy

Find financial perks, clean beaches and a high quality of life in the Channel Islands, Jersey. A visit to the Orgueil Castle will make your next vacation unforgettable. Then, in Portofino, Italy, pastel painted houses create an illusion of grandeur.

Geneva & Edinburgh

The capital of Scotland, Edinburgh offers exquisite Victorian architecture at the Balmoral Hotel and the Edinburgh Castle offers spectacular views. Next, Geneva, Switzerland is home to the Richmond Hotel with private access to lake Geneva.


Hotel Meurice in Paris, France, once visited by Queen Victoria is the place to be and to be seen, but if views of the Eiffel Tower are what you desire, book a stay at the Hotel Plaza Athenne, ranked in the top 500 hotels in the world.

Italy & France

Milan, Italy is blessed with beauty and style, full of statutes and sculptors. Luxury hotels, Pincipe di Savoia is sure to meet your needs of elegance and relaxation. Next, travel to Burgundy, France. The perfect holiday if you're looking to unwind.

Bangkok & New York

Take a trip to majestic Bangkok, nestled between soaring vistas and bustling city streets. This gem is boasting some of the most luxurious resorts in the world, with cultural experiences that are one-of-a-kind.

Barbados & Laos

Coral shores, white sand beaches, and rich culture can be found on these islands, nestled out to sea by ancient volcanic activity. Barbados is home to decadent tropical trade winds, majestic wildlife, and of course, luxurious accommodations.

Rome and Stockross

On this journey we visit Rome where the past and the modern go hand in hand. Discover Roman luxury in one of the world's most photogenic locales.

New York & Los Angeles

Two of the world's most fascinating cities will be featured on this exciting episode of Travel in Style. From the city that never sleeps to Hollywood's elite, we're featuring accommodations created for the most prestigious neighborhoods and locales.

Sicily & Los Angeles

Travel to Sicily and Los Angeles and explore the best of very best that these two cities have to offer.

St. Petersburg & London

Travel to St. Petersburg, Russia and then London to explore the best of very best that these two cities have to offer.