About AWE

AWE, A Wealth of Entertainment, is a 24/7 lifestyle and entertainment national cable channel. AWE delivers what every American dreams of – from awe-inspiring travel destinations to outrageous cars, from culinary delights to amazing homes, live world championship boxing, and much more. Formally known as WealthTV (or Wealth Television), AWE’s all inviting and vicarious living programming lineup has strong, broad appeal across age and income demographics while holding a special appeal to the highest income households. Successfully launched on June 1, 2004, AWE was one of the first all high definition networks in the United States. AWE is distributed by leading cable and satellite service providers around the globe.

Headquartered in a state-of-the-art facility in San Diego, California, AWE broadcasts from its own uplink and master control to Galaxy 13, transponder 18. Multiple distribution options are available for cable and satellite providers from AWE’s signature 24/7 standard and high definition feeds, to Video on Demand to AWE’s 24/7 international feed for worldwide exhibition. Tune in to AWE. We’ll leave you in AWE!

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