Most Amazing Homes

Most Amazing Homes on AWE

We all have a fascination with the beach. For some the ultimate goal is to live as close to the water as possible. Host, Jennifer Farrell is tasked with helping Our buyers find the perfect beach house. The challenge is to find a house that will suit everyone’s needs.



Ep. 1: Pimped Out Pads
Ep. 2: Majestic Mansions
Ep. 3: Fresh Home Of Bel Air
Ep. 4: Heart Of Bel Air
Ep. 5: Los Angeles Luxury
Ep. 6: Luxury Living In Beverly Hills
Ep. 7: Sunny Southern California
Ep. 8: Beverly Hills Elegance
Ep. 9: Los Angeles Mega Mansions
Ep. 10: Beverly Hills 90210
Ep. 11: Masterpiece
Ep. 12: Palm Springs Luxury
Ep. 13: My Own Private Oasis


Ep. 1: An Entertainer’s Dream
Ep. 2: Laguna Beach Luxury
Ep. 3: Dana Point Luxury
Ep. 4: State Of The Art Homes
Ep. 5: Hollywood Homes
Ep. 6: One Of A Kind Homes 
Ep. 7: Grand Estates In Bel Air
Ep. 8: The Mega Mansion
Ep. 9: Homes In The Sky
Ep. 10: Heart Of Beverly Hills
Ep. 11: Bel Air
Ep. 12: Archit Gems