Distant Shores

We’re sailing away – and visiting exotic lands with Distant Shores. Join us as we explore the waters and culture of the Middle East, the Mediterranean and the Caribbean.


Season One

On this episode of Distant Shores, set sail as you tour the mystical Mediterranean. Learn about the easy going community of Cypress. Visit a Prehistoric Community, a local artesian workshop, tour a monastery, and drink the oldest wine in the world.

Distant Shores discovers the magic of the Middle East from the island paradise of Cypress. Divided by political battles, yet joined by beauty, it's an exotic island filled with history, adventure, and excitement…not to mention the Goddess of Love.

Distant Shores discovers the magic of the Middle East from the island paradise of Cypress. From the world's oldest shipwreck to a crusader castle, take in the sights, sounds, and history of this enchanting island.

Distant Shores sets sail on a journey through Mediterranean waters. We'll drop anchor to discover the unique culture of Syria. Hidden in the hillsides lie ancient artifacts and historical gems, all telling the stories of these ancient lands.

Distant Shores embarks on a journey through the mystical Mediterranean waters on an expedition to Syria. Drop anchor, and climb aboard a camel to discover a land of ancient ruins and mystical sand storms. It's an expedition to Syria, on Distant Shores.

Distant Shores travels to Lebanon to discover the magic of the Middle East. Explore ancient ruins of the Lebanese countryside, tour Palestinian refugee camps, and see the capital city, Beirut. Voyage to Lebanon, with Distant Shores.

Distant Shores discovers the magic of the Middle East along the coast of Israel. Despite security roadblocks, we'll explore the Christian sites of Nazareth and the ancient port of Acre. It's an exploration of Middle Eastern culture, with Distant Shores.

Distant Shores discovers the magic of the Middle East, through the countryside of Israel. From the Wailing Wall to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, we'll explore Jerusalem to learn the history that lies in this religious city.

Distant Shores discovers the magic of the Middle East, through the desert valleys of Jordan. Nestled in the rocks and riverbeds are lost civilizations and Bedouin tribes. Join us, on a camel ride through the extraordinary landscape of the Jordan valley.

Distant Shores discovers the magic of the Middle East, from the turquoise waters of the Red Sea. Explore the coral reefs along the coast of Egypt. Then, dive with the dolphins and explore the sea life that thrives along the sandy shores.

Distant Shores braves the waves of the windy sea, and heads south through the Suez Canal on the way to the diving paradise of the Red Sea. Full of reefs and wrecks, treasures lie just waiting to be discovered.

Distant Shores discovers the magic of the Middle East from the land of Egypt. From ancient spring festivals to traditional Easter feasts, explore Egyptian culture through the eyes of the locals. Then descend into the depths of an ancient pyramid.

Distant Shores sets sail on a faluka to explore the life that thrives along the banks of the Nile River. From wildlife to farm life, discover the Egyptian culture that lives along the banks of the world's longest river.

Season Two

Distant Shores sets sail on a journey through mystical Mediterranean waters. From Malta, catch the Rolex Middle Sea Race. Then, to the London Boat Show we go, to see the new innovations on deck.

Distant Shores journeys through worldly waters to the island paradise of the Virgin Islands. From treetop bungalows to unique sand creatures, Caribbean life is filled with wonder. Travel to the Distant Shores, through the waters of the Virgin Islands.

Distant Shores sets sail for the island paradise of the Virgin Islands. From a cruise on a catamaran, we'll explore the unique culture and cuisine of Caribbean life. Voyage to Distant Shores, through the waters of the Virgin Islands.

Distant Shores sets sail through Mediterranean waters to explore Italian culture along the southwest coast of Italy. Experience Mediterranean life from this playground of beaches and boaters. Voyage to Distant Shores, along the coast of Italy.

Distant Shores sets sail along the southwest coast of Italy to discover the region's rich history. From the foothills of Mount Vesuvius, tour the ancient city of Pompeii. Then, explore local Italian culture along the southwest coast of Italy.

Distant Shores explores the fresh-water boating grounds of Cottage Country Canada. From the waters of Lake Simpko comes a celebration of Canada Day through a 7-kilometer channel of party boaters. Voyage through Canadian Culture, with Distant Shores.

Set sail on a voyage of adventure as 'Distant Shores' navigates the waters of England. On this episode – we'll explore the idyllic inlets of Cornwall, and learn the traditions of British boat building.

From England to Madeira to the Canary Islands – we're setting sail to 'Distant Shores.' Come explore the varied cultures of these island escapes as we prepare for a cross-Atlantic voyage.

Set sail through the crystal waters of the Bahamas with 'Distant Shores.' We're making land at the remote island of Mayaguana and experiencing the warm hospitality of the locals.

Travel through turquoise waters when 'Distant Shores' drops anchor in the Bahamas. On this episode – we're heading across the Bahama Bay to Georgetown - and making friends with the local marine life.

Set sail through the crystal waters of the Bahamas with 'Distant Shores.' We're making anchor at the Exuma Islands – and investigating the abundant wildlife that swims in the colorful reefs off the coast.

It's palm trees and paradise as 'Distant Shores' sails through the turquoise seas of the Bahamas. Come explore the local traditions of boat building as we make land in the idyllic Exuma Islands.

'Distant Shores' is navigating salty seas to bring you through Canada's Trent Canal. Come sail these picturesque waters – and get a look at the tourist towns and haunted history of this scenic escape.

Season Three

Brave the chilly waters of the Hudson River with 'Distant Shores.' From Lake Ontario to the Erie Canal, we're bringing you the fascinating stories and breathtaking scenery found along the docks of these historic waterways.

Get ready to set sail with 'Distant Shores.' On this episode – we're traveling down the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway – and bringing you the sights and sounds of North Carolina's famous Outer Banks.

Explore life set to sea with 'Distant Shores.' We're stopping in Beaufort, North Carolina for a taste of Southern hospitality before rallying down the coast all the way to Antigua.

Navigate the waters of the Caribbean with 'Distant Shores.' We'll explore the colorful reefs of Antigua before dropping anchor in St. Maarten to discover a spice market and a sailor's bar.

Venture off the beaten path as 'Distant Shores' visits Saba, the smallest island of the Netherlands Antilles. We'll hike our way across the island before checking out homemade handicrafts and tropical eats.

Set sail to Montserrate with 'Distant Shores.' We'll drop anchor in this tiny Caribbean paradise to learn what life is like living in the shadow of an active volcano, and we'll aslo find hot springs and mangrove channels on the way to the island of Guadeloupe.

Get ready to explore the French Antilles with 'Distant Shores.' In this episode, we're stopping at Les Saintes, a group of tiny isalnds in the Caribbean. On land, we'll scooter our way around this tiny paradise. By sea, we'll take a kayak tour and dive in a shipwreck reef.

Expert sailors Paul and Sheryl discover the Bahamas where they explore caves and investigate native wild life before arriving in Spanish Wells, capitol of the Bahamas and home to the country's largest fishing fleet.

We explore Spanish Wells, home of the largest bohemian fishing fleet before navigating through the reefs of the Devils' Backbone. They learn traditional ship building techniques and battle storms before enjoying some of the island's best beaches.

Distant Shores owners compare a Royal Caribbean cruise to life onboard their sailboat. They make comparisons with the cruise ship crew on docking techniques, provisioning, navigation, power management, and safety procedures, to name a few.

We find safe havens during hurricane season before exploring the cruising grounds of Chesapeake Bay. They attend the largest in-water boat show, participate in an oyster restoration program, and sight see with local sailors in Washington D.C.

The sailors get hands-on experience in wooden boat building in the largest estuary in the U.S. known as Chesapeake Bay. They also visit Tangier Island, the soft shell crab capital of the world, where they learn the ways of the local crab fishermen.

Paul and Sheryl attempt to blend in Syria by donning local apparel and cruising the exotic bazaars before heading to the arid desert. They also explore the inside of an Egyptian pyramid before scuba diving in the coral reefs of the Red Sea.

Season Four

Sail away on "Distant Shores" with expert sailors Paul & Sheryl. On this episode, anchor in shore side and discover the peaceful, rustic appeal of the English sea towns located throughout Chichester Harbour.

Distant Shores sailors Paul & Sheryl have a fresh ship, so it's time to break in the brand new boat with a cruise to Portsmouth Harbor in England. Then discover how nautical equipment is created and produced to withstand the conditions of the sea.

Get ready to weigh anchor at a uniquely build marina and hike across the ever-expanding terrain located in the Channel Islands. Then step ashore and discover the rich culture left behind by both Germans and the English along the Normandy coast.

Expert sailors Paul and Sheryl say "welcome to the Baltic", as they experience Kiel Week – the largest sailing event in the world – and answer a message in a bottle, all on their sail to Denmark.

On this episode, Paul and Sheryl continue their nautical journey to Denmark, and stop off at the quaint port of Aero, a village that has become an innovator in solar and wind energy.