Get ready to jet-set! We’re visiting the most affluent neighborhoods around the world – and letting you live like a local with ‘WOW!’

La Jolla, California

Explore the life of luxury when ‘WOW!’ heads to La Jolla. From sprawling mansions to breathtaking beaches - come see how the locals live in this jewel on the California coast.

Newport Beach, California

WOW! heads to California to visit the upscale, luxurious waterfront neighborhoods in the natural harbor and city of Newport Beach.

Rancho Santa Fe, California

Twenty-five minutes north of downtown San Diego and five miles east of the Pacific Ocean is the understated town of Rancho Santa Fe. Find out why the most affluent choose to call Rancho Santa Fe home when they could live anywhere else in the world.

Beverly Hills, California

WOW! heads to Beverly Hills to discover the secrets that make this the most famous zip code in the world. From spectacular dining, exquisite neighborhoods, and renowned designers, see what life is like in the ultimate affluent community.

Palm Springs, California

‘WOW!’ is letting you live like a local – this time, in sunny Palm Springs. Come find the best of resort living – from luxury hotels to world-class shopping.

Cannes, France

Jet-set with ‘WOW!’ to the star studded city of Cannes. Come live like a local – and see the high-end shopping, extravagant hotels, and couture design of this cosmopolitan French escape.

Maui, Hawaii

Get ready to fall in love when ‘WOW!’ heads to Maui. Whether you’re lounging on the sunny beaches or checking out the spectacular sunsets – Hawaii will take your breath away.

Santa Barbara, California

‘WOW!’ is living the life of luxury – this time, in Santa Barbara. This seaside escape is filled with sprawling mansions and gorgeous views – come experience paradise on the California coast.

San Diego, California

WOW! heads to San Diego, America’s Finest City, to explore the beautiful beaches and vibrant nightlife.

Scottsdale, Arizona

‘WOW!’ is taking you to Scottsdale, Arizona. Join AWE as we uncover world-class spas, a thriving art scene, and some truly amazing Southwestern cuisine – you’ll love this Arizona escape.

Catalina Island, California

‘WOW!’ is letting you live like a local – this time, in a tiny island off the California coast. Come see the luxury yachts and breathtaking scenery of Catalina Island.

Geneva, Switzerland

Take a stroll through one of the most picturesque places on the planet when “WOW!” heads to Geneva, Switzerland. We’re sampling the best of Swiss hospitality – and chocolate – in this stylish getaway.

San Antonio, Texas

AWE goes WOW on San Antonio. Discover the magic and history of this unique city. From the Alamo to the River Walk and beyond we’ll learn why this piece of Texas real estate is so special to the folks that call this neck-of-the-woods home.

Park City, Utah

WOW! Park City highlights one of the most beautiful ski resorts in the country. Visit five-star hotels, the Utah Olympic Park, and experience the excitement of the Sundance Film Festival. Then, ski down ‘the best snow in the world’!

Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis has been dubbed the birthplace of rock and roll and the home of the blues. Situated along the shores of the mighty Mississippi this unique city is a piece of southern comfort that AWE will explore when we go Wow on Memphis.

Telluride, Colorado

WOW hits the slopes in Telluride, Colorado for an outdoor adventure you won't want to miss. From helicopter skiing at 14,000 feet and snowmobile treks to the first bank Butch Cassidy robbed this picturesque town is steeped in history and fun

Cancun, Mexico

Get ready for sand, sun, and fun - 'WOW!' is heading to Cancun, Mexico. Whether you're looking for ecological adventure, gourmet food, or amazing culture - Cancun certainly delivers.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is where you'll find the world's most incredible stage productions, hotel resorts, restaurants and of course performers. We're taking you down the strip, inside the kitchens and behind the curtains in the entertainment capitol of the world!


Come wander through history with 'WOW! Prague.' From picture perfect views of Prague Castle - to great dining and shopping options - get ready for a whirlwind tour of the Czech Republic's Golden City.


We're heading off the beaten path - and finding old world charm with 'WOW! Croatia.' From the historical walls of Dubrovnik to the markets and ties of Zagreb - get ready for a first class exploration of this amazing country.


Put on your best cheese head hat and get ready as WOW takes you around the bustling and unique city of Milwaukee.

Miami, Florida

Like life on the spicier side? 'WOW! Miami' is definitely for you. Come explore the sun and fun of this Florida getaway - from cigars and Cuban food to alligators and an amazing nightlife.

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Join host Hanin Smith on a journey by land, sea and air as she reveals the sights and flavors of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket.


We’re traveling to Turkey to discover the treasure of our past. Located in both Europe and Asia, Turkey has been home to thirteen successive civilizations. from the Turkish Riviera to the bustling city of Istanbul, it’s all on WOW Turkey!


Journey with us to the UAE for a first-class tour of Dubai. We'll take you dune bashing in the desert and skiing at the indoor slopes of Ski Dubai, and spoil you at with seven-star service at Burj Al Arab.


Journey off the beaten path to explore paradise with 'WOW! Nicaragua.' From zip-lining to cigar rolling, from private islands to active volcanoes - we're bringing you the best things to see and do in this exotic escape.

Jordan Part I

Explore the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan with host Hanin Smith as she takes you to her homeland to give you a taste of local cuisine, nightlife, art and fashion.

Jordan Part II

Join host Hanin Smith on a journey through Jordan’s natural wonders from Petra to the Red Sea and Wadi Rum to the Dead Sea.

San Francisco

We're taking you to the city by the bay to explore the unique lifestyle of San Francisco. From the wealth of seafood to a fortune of a different kind, there's still lots of treasure to discover on this episode of WOW San Francisco.

Palm Beach

If you’re craving a little sunshine, we’ve landed in Florida – and we’re bringing you the best of Palm Beach with ‘WOW.’ On this episode – we’ll explore a historic hotel before shopping and dining on the famous Worth Avenue.

San Marino

Join us as we tour of the oldest republic in the world, San Marino. This independent microstate located in Italy is the third smallest country in Europe but has a big presence. We’ll sample local fare, shop and even rock climb Mt. Titano!

San Diego

Take a ride on the wild side as we go WOW on San Diego from a spin on an antique roller coaster to a splash down with seals plus the world’s greatest pizza and the world’s most outrageous Cadillac on WOW San Diego.


We’re touring Canada’s biggest city to find out what makes Toronto a must-visit destination. From its natural and manmade wonders Niagara Falls and CN Tower, to its cultural icons the Stanley Cup and ice wine, this city will have you saying “WOW”.

Luxury Geneva

This city is all graciousness and hospitality; no wonder it is considered the “Peace Capital” of the world. From decedent chocolates to fine hand crafted watches, we are going to discover the luxurious side of Geneva.