Wealth on Wheels

Hit the road in style with Wealth on Wheels. We’re bringing you the latest trends on the road today – from green cars to custom cycles.

San Diego Auto Show

‘Wealth on Wheels’ is showing you what’s new on the road when we head to the California Auto Show. From safety to speed to luxury – we’ve got all your bases covered.

Los Angeles Auto Show

‘Wealth on Wheels’ is bringing you the cars creating a buzz at the LA auto show. From the hottest designs to the newest concept cars – get ready to hit the road.

Custom Cycles

‘Wealth on Wheels’ is checking out the changing world of motorcycles. From classic rides to custom choppers – motorcycles offer freedom and adventure on two wheels.

Tuner Cars

Wealth on Wheels: Tuner Cars is a show dedicated to the latest imported and street modified vehicles. We bring you the latest trends, hottest makes and models and talk to the people in this niche vehicle market.


Wealth on Wheels hits the road with Saleen, the preeminent specialty auto manufacturer in the world. A mark of power, performance, and style, the name speaks for itself. From the super-charged to the extreme, discover the power behind Saleen.

New 2006

Hit the road in style with ‘Wealth on Wheels.’ Today we’re checking out the exciting models and redesigns hitting showrooms in 2006.

Green Cars

We’re checking out the benefits of eco-friendly automobiles with ‘Wealth on Wheels.’ Come see the greatest green cars models of the time and learn how these alternatively fueled vehicles work.

California International Auto Show

Wealth on Wheels heads to the 2006 California Auto Show to see the new models, re-designs, and new debuts. Feel the horsepower behind 2006’s best makes and models. From the luxurious to the adventurous, see some of the best wheels on the road.

Luxury Coaches

Explore the world – without ever leaving your living room. ‘Wealth on Wheels’ is bringing you the latest in luxury RV’s – you’ll be amazed at how comfortable these coaches can be.


Hit the road in style with ‘Wealth on Wheels.’ We’re visiting a shop that restores Italian sports cars back to their original glory – and taking a spin in some luxury Cadillacs.

Los Angeles Auto Show

Check out the hottest vehicles at the LA auto show with ‘Wealth on Wheels.’ We’re discovering the fast style of some new Lamborghinis – and the elegant design of Mercedes Benz.

Luxury Coaches, Pt. II

‘Wealth on Wheels’ is hitting the road – this time, in a luxury coach. Come chat with motor coach enthusiasts – and relax at a ritzy RV resort.


Wealth on Wheels goes behind the scenes at Henrik Fisker to give you a rare look into the company with the man himself. It’s an up close look at how the very first Fisker Coachbuild vehicle is being developed.

L.A. Auto show 2007

LA is the land of stars and cars. Automakers are making an impression at the LA Auto Show with the 100th Anniversary of the Expo, where alternative energy cars took center stage. You will see Porsche, Ashton Martin, Ferrari, Lamborghini and more.

Viewers Choice Awards

Wealth on Wheels: Viewer's Choice Awards ­ Tune in to see which vehicles the viewers of AWE picked as the best in their class for 2007.


Lamborghini is a symbol of style, sophistication and speed. The history of this prestigious automaker is one of strength and struggle, tribulation and triumph, Wealth on Wheels brings you the story of Automobili Lamborghini!

Woman on Two Wheels

The most intriguing motors on two wheels aren’t just for the boys! Italian magnates MV Agusta and Ducati to speed superpowers Suzuki and yamahas and of course it wouldn't be complete without the oldies! It’s a wealth on wheels with a feminine twist.


Carroll Shelby and his automobiles are quintessential American icons. From the classic Shelby GT’s … to the race inspired Shelby Cobras. These cars, then and now bring speed, performance and fun to anyone lucky enough to drive a Shelby car.

LA Auto Show Hottest Cars for 2008

The November 2007 LA Auto Show debuted an array of vehicles to satisfy every drivers taste. They include futuristic concepts, classic muscle cars, street style performance, the latest fuel efficient technology and sleek luxury offerings.

Ferrari Challenge

AWE joins host Bill Baker at the Ferrari Challenge held at The Virginia International Raceway. Catch up with Bill as he takes on the remarkable Ferrari by showing behind the scene preparations, the coaches, and of course the high-speed race!

2008 Viewers Choice

Tune in to see which vehicles the viewers of AWE picked as the best in their class for 2008.


Join us as we drive and critique elite Supercars in an adventure known as World Class Driving. Get a VIP experience with the Corvette Z06, Ferrari F430 Scuderia, Porsche Turbo Cabrio, Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera, and the Mercedes SLR McLaren.

Fast and Fabulous

Wealth on Wheels is cruising down luxury lane to catch a glimpse of the top ten Fast and Fabulous cars in 2008. Test-drive the new Bentley, the barely legal Ferrari Scuderia, and the Bugatti Veyron. These cars have speed and luxury to boot.

Callaway Cars

We check out how Callaway Cars constructs cars with 600 plus horsepower and test the capabilities of these engines on the road. Make sure to catch Wealth on Wheels: Callaway Cars as we go under the hood to see what makes these cars super car status.

Green Cars Now

The proliferation of alternative fuel technology in the automotive industry is stimulated by a greater demand for a clean environment and the rising cost of oil. Watch Wealth on Wheels: Green Cars Now and learn about the hi-tech green car revolution.

San Diego Auto Show

Wealth On Wheels takes you to the San Diego Auto Show for a peek at a million dollar Mercedes plus the latest green cars and a brand new model for Rolls Royce. Toyota goes 4 wheeling and Volvo makes a car out of Leggos blocks.


On this episode of Wealth on Wheels we visit the SEMA show in Las Vegas, the crossroads for the $36 billion car aftermarket. From simple to extreme, anything automotive can be found to enhance a vehicle’s performance, safety, comfort or convenience.

World Class Driving Experience

Join Wealth on Wheels in an exclusive adventure known as World Class Driving.  Get a V-I-P experience driving the Corvette Z06, Ferrari F430 Scuderia, Porsche Turbo Cabrio, Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera, and the Mercedes SLR McLaren!


Discover if it’s possible to beat the pain at the pump by going electric when AWE explores the rapidly developing world of alternative powered vehicles. Get charged up on battery power as we go Electrified on Wheels.

2009 Viewers Choice

Tune into see which vehicles the viewers of AWE picked as the best in their class for 2009.

Festival of Speed

It’s a luxury lifestyle weekend filled with high-speed cars from around the world. From the Bugatti Veyron to the elite Konisegg, join us as we take over the roads - at this year’s Festival of Speed.

LA Auto Show Hottest Cars

This episode features the latest offerings during a difficult economy. Get a glimpse at the newest alternative propulsion vehicles, popular and efficient muscle cars and a look at the auto industry’s future.

San Diego International Automobile Show

The San Diego Auto Show is rapidly becoming a premier west coast event displaying the latest designs, makes and models from both foreign and domestic carmakers. See everything from green to mean on this edition of Wealth On Wheels.

Indy Goes Green

Wealth on Wheels- Indy Goes Green: Wealth on Wheels is going to the Indianapolis 500 to see how the fast are becoming eco-friendly. We'll go one-on-one with Indy car driver Nelson Philippe and check out some one of kind eco-exotic vehicles.

Festival of Speed

It’s a luxury lifestyle weekend filled with high-speed vessels from around the globe. Join us, as we take over the roadways, the airways, and the waterways at this year’s Festival of Speed.

Formula Drift

Wealth on Wheels puts you in the drivers seat for an action packed ride into the world of drifting! We go behind the scenes at a Formula Drift event. Join us for a look at one of the fastest growing motor sports!

San Diego Auto Show

Ride along with Wealth on Wheels as we explore a sea of chrome and steel at San Diego's International Auto Show. From the hot new Chevy Camero to a Caddy from the future all of the rides for 2010 and beyond will be parked and ready for inspection.

Wealth on Wheels: Full Throttle

Wealth on Wheels Full Throttle gives an insiders view of the most advanced cars available! For review, test drives, and serious fun, watch Full Throttle!

LA Auto Show

Wealth on Wheels hits the LA Auto Show to check out the latest luxury, electric, concept and sports cars! Everything you need to know about the latest automobiles. Join Christina Cindrich and Daphne Joy for a whole lot of fun and great cars too!


See the story behind the Jaguar unfold as we take a trip to the Jaguar Heritage Museum. This choice car of James Bond has a tale rich with history, as it grew from an affordable means of transportation to a pioneer of performance.

Festival of Speed

Join us on on Wealth on Wheels as we find the fastest vessels in the world. Festivals of Speed is a luxury lifestyle weekend featuring the world's finest automobiles, motorcycles, watercraft and aircraft placed for display.

Auburn Classics

The Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum holds the rich history of the early 1900’s luxury automobile. Discover the story of the Auburn company and their rise and fall in the high-end car market.

Tesla Motors

Tesla Motors is an electric vehicle pioneer, accelerating the industry with the sleek Roadster. Wheels visits the company to go in depth on their technology, tour the Roadster assembly facility and get a sneak peak at the advanced Model S sedan.

Off Road Fantasy

Have you ever wanted to race competitively? This is the show for you! Follow amateur drivers as they train to drive and attempt to compete in a professional off road championship series race.

Scottsdale Auction

Gooding and Company is a world-renowned auctioneer of cherished collector cars. Holding sales at top car events that return record-breaking results. Wealth on Wheels gets a rare look at their Scottsdale Auction to see million dollar vehicles!

Mercedes-Benz Lineup

Mercedes-AMG has a reputation for raising standards in performance and design. Join us as we get an insider’s look at the 2011 line-up and a preview of how new fuel technologies are shaping the future of luxury on the road.

Full Throttle: Amazing Autos at Amelia

Punch the pedal with Full Throttle as we visit Amelia Island Florida to see the most outrageous vehicles ever built! Meet race legend Bobby Rahal, celebrate 100 years of Indy cars and see many more Amazing Autos at Amelia, on Full Throttle!

Full Throttle: Ferrari World

Experience the thrill of Ferrari cars in the only Ferrari Theme park in the world! Ride the world's fastest roller coaster and learn the fascinating story of Ferrari, all in the exotic location of Abu Dhabi.

Full Throttle: Adrenaline Weekend

Full Throttle has taken host Todd Metcalf and dropped him in Baja California’s deadly backcountry. The only way out; one of the most extreme ways to spend your cash!

Super Cars of Monte Carlo

Take a ride on the iconic Monaco Grand Prix Formula 1 circuit in the world's most expensive super cars. The power players of the industry premiere some of the fastest cars on earth at Top Marques Monaco, and AWE has your exclusive ticket.

The Story of Porsche

We take you to the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, Germany to discover the fascinating story of one the most prestigious automobile manufacturers. We look at the brand and iconic cars that have overcome war and controversy for over 6 decades.

Cars Through The Ages

The history behind the four wheels that gets you everywhere, as you've never seen it before. We're taking you to the National Automobile Museum in Reno to learn the story behind the invention that has changed mankind.

Vegas Exotics

Wealth on Wheels is going to Sin City to discover the best supercars around. Host Jenn Barlow hits the track at the Vegas motor speedway and we’ll check out the one of a kind high-end automobiles at the Wynn hotel.

Full Throttle: Pebble Beach Concours D'Elegance

Join host Vic Alavi as he takes on the 2011 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. This episode features the best in high-performance concept cars and restored luxury classics.

LA Auto Show

Host Paulina Gallardo gives an inside look at the latest & greatest in high-tech, automotive engineering straight from the 2011 LA Auto Show.

Tesla: A Game Changer

Join us as we take a look into how a small car maker in Fremont, California is making electric vehicles a real world solution to the ever growing dependence on oil and making them beautiful, affordable and fun to drive!

Full Throttle: Million Dollar Supercars

The Top Marques Monaco show at the Grimaldi Forum is a playground for the ultra-rich enthusiast. Join host Vic Alavi as he gets a first hand experience with the most elite super cars in the world.

Full Throttle: Supercars of London

If you could have any car you wanted, which one would you choose? Join host Pam Glennon, on an exciting journey to London to find her dream super car at the exclusive Salon Privé Concourse De Elegance and Supercar Show.

Tesla: The Wait is Over

Tesla Motors released the first electric sports car in 2003 and many years later, Tesla still paves the way with high performance all-electric vehicles. See first hand a brand new Tesla Model S being produced and delivered to its new lucky owner.

Full Throttle: LA Auto Show

A car lover's dream and the premiere car event in the world, the audacious LA Auto Show. Find out what is new and revolutionary and whether you are going green or looking to break barriers with performance; there is something for everyone.

Full Throttle: Super Bikes

Join host Pam Glennon on an adventurous ride to the International Motorcycle Show in Seattle, Washington. Watch as she gets a rare glimpse at this year's hottest super bikes, rare customs and which bike gets the vote for the best motorcycle.

Full Throttle: Geneva Auto Show

Lamborghini, Ferrari, and everything in between! The Geneva Auto Show is the destination of the year for finding your future fantasy car and the reason we're counting down the most extravagant rides that the world has ever seen.

Full Throttle: Sixty Years of Corvette

We're covering the 60th year anniversary of Corvette and showing why this brand it at the top of the sports car game.

Top Marquee: Monaco

Tax haven for the rich and playground to the famous, this less than 1sq mile of principality is the backdrop to the world’s largest supercar event. Watch Vic Alavi as he talks to the most prominent entries.

Full Throttle: Top Ten Fantasy Car Countdown

This is the show dedicated to bringing you gear heads the latest news and updates about all things cars. That's right, we have Ferrari, Lamborghini, and much much more. If you have the need for speed, you must watch out fantasy car countdown.

Full Throttle: Frankfurt Auto Show

Want a car with sex appeal? How about a ride that tears it up on the track? If you want to get a load of the newest, hottest cars to ever hit the road, you have to watch this episode of Full Throttle. We’re stopping by the Frankfurt Auto Show!

Full Throttle: Motor City

From the historic car roots all the way the down the assembly line. Detroit is deep-seated in the driver's seat. If you’re looking for a new posh muscle car, or you want a hooked up tech savvy truck. Motor City is the place you want to be.