Virtual Magician

Marco Tempest is The Virtual Magician. He’s an award-winning illusionist with a flair for presenting magic in a unique, technology-enhanced setting.


Natural Magic

Magician Marco Tempest plays with the rules of nature in the urban wilderness of New York City’s Central Park, and uses the wind, the earth, and even the sun to pull off magic tricks.


On this episode, Magician Marco Tempest takes you on a virtual cultural adventure into card play and mahjong in NYC’s Chinatown.

Virtual Las Vegas

Las Vegas … America’s Playground, where fortunes change in seconds and everything is left to chance and destiny! Follow The Virtual Magician into the casino world as he turns the cards in his favor.

Among the Spirits

Travel with the Virtual Magician through the haunted world of NYC’s spiritual past and its modern day mysteries as Marco Tempest magically summons up these ghostly tales.

The Science Magician

Is the magician a scientist or is the scientist a magician? On this episode, explore the boundaries between science and magic at the New York Hall of Science where we experiment with inertia, anti-gravity, lasers, and higher dimensions.

The Virtual Conman

Watch as magician Marco Tempest changes one dollar bills into one hundred dollar bills, and deals playing cards in his favor as this episode explores the difference between the conman and the magician’s con games.

New York

An illusionist presents magic tricks in unique, technology-enhanced settings of New York. Included: street magic and guest magicians.

New York & Los Angeles

Meet New York’s up and coming magicians in the magic capital of the world. Then head to Los Angeles for magic, Hollywood style.