Unusual Cultures

On Unusual Cultures, we discover the fascinating lifestyles of people all over the globe. From intriguing conventions to charming societies, Unusual Cultures unearths the many different ways of the world!


Crete and Lamalera

Crete is renowned for its excellent olive oil which is considered to be among the best in the world. Next stop is Lamalera, a small village on an Indonesian island where life is orbited by traditional whale hunting and spiritual rituals.

Jerusalem and The Kingdom of Bahrain

Visit the enchanting cities of Safed and the port of Jaffa and experience amazing history and cuisine. From Jerusalem, The Kingdom of Bahrain with its rich history, unique pearls, crafts and oil industry make up for its small size.

Crimean Tartars & Bay of Plenty

Crimea, on the boundaries of Russia and Ukraine, is the first stop to experience a unique culture of Crimean Tartars. Next stop, the Bay of Plenty in New Zealand for an experience of the ancient and mysterious Maori culture.

Czech Republic: Moravia

To the east of the Czech Republic lies the picturesque Moravia and it’s individual regions are diverse. The whole region does have one thing in common, the people. Hardworking, love to sing and appreciate a bottle of wine.

Indonesian Islands of Bali and Lombok

Unveil the ancient Hindu culture of Bali which continues to survive the influx of tourists. Yet to be discovered by tourists is Lombok, 35 kilometers from Bali, experience the traditional artisans and unique Wektu telu religion.

Madeira and Java

Madeira is well known around the world for its quality wines, wild nature and traditional artistic crafts. From Madeira it is off to Java, the gem of Indonesia.

Belize and Mendoza

Between Mexico and Guatemala on the northeastern coast of Central America lies the name of an unforgettable place, Belize. From Belize, travel to a place well known by those that love red wine, Mendoza.

Taiwan and Jersey

Taiwan lies to the north of the Philippines and is now populated by more than 23 million inhabitants and has a very dramatic history. Next stop, in the English Channel between France and Great Britain lies the largest of the seven Channel Islands.

Moroccan – Zimbabwe

The ancient Moroccan city of Fes has been closely linked to Islam for over 1,000 years. It has retained its medieval character of narrow streets lined with bakeries. Zimbabwe is a country that has struggled in its quest for political stability.

Guantanamo and Courland

The province of Guantanamo still suffers under a communist regime. Geographically apart, but also with a communist past is Latvia’s Courland, which is slowing recovering from the damage caused by Soviet Russia’s communist terror.

Mauritius and Ethiopia

Mauritius is an island that is lush all year round and endowed with breathtaking nature and boasts some of the world’s loveliest beaches. A world apart, Ethiopia, never blooms, but has genuine appeal as well as a rich and mysterious history.


Bombay, the wealthiest and most expensive city in India. From there, travel to the state of West Bengal which stretches from the shores of the Indian Ocean all the way to the foothills of the Himalayas.

Transylvania and Isle of Man

Transylvania – a culture forever associated with Count Dracula. The novel made this country renowned, but its unusual culture is far more impressive. With a parliament established back in 979 AD, the Isle of Man is the kingdom of herring fishing.