Treasures from the Past

Discover the ancient wonders of the world, the cities and temples of yesterday, and the cultures of ancestors as “Treasures from the Past” unearths the mysteries of sites around the globe.


Quest for Wealth, India I

Discover the ancient wonders of the world as 'Treasures from the Past' heads to India. We'll explore several World Heritage Sites - including the Taj Majal.

A Sacred Land, India II

We're traveling to the crossroads of religion and history with 'Treasures from the Past.' Come explore the sacred sites of India - from caves to temples, from art to architecture.

The Great Dragon, China I

Come visit the most jaw-dropping World Heritage Sites with 'Treasures from the Past.' On this episode - we're traveling to the Great Wall of China - and discovering the secrets of the dynasties that flourished beside it.

Sympathizing with Nature, China II

Discover the ancient wonders of the world with 'Treasures from the Past.' We're heading to China's most spectacular World Heritage Sites - including Mount Wuyi and the Classical Gardens of Suzhou.

Stories of Forests and Sea, Japan

We're heading to the forests of Japan with 'Treasures from the Past.' Come explore the country's World Heritage Sites - including the Alps of the Ocean and a Shinto shrine off the coast of Hiroshima.

Footsteps of Dreams, France

We're taking a fairytale look at France with 'Treasures from the Past.' Come visit a variety of World Heritage Sites - including Chambord Castle and the Palace of Fontainebleau.

With Faith and Devotion, Spain

Discover the wonders of Spain with 'Treasures from the Past.' We're visiting a variety of World Heritage Sites for a first hand look at the influence of faith and devotion.

Dignity in Simplicity, Germany

Discover Germany's famous World Heritage Sites with 'Treasures from the Past.' We'll visit the towering spires of Cologne Castle before checking out the verdant landscapes and fairytale castles along the Rhine.

After the Hardships, Poland

Come discover the wonders of the world with 'Treasures from the Past.' On today's episode - we're seeing the World Heritage Sites of Poland - including Krakow's historic center and the gothic Malbork castle.

The Great Wild Nature, South America

Take on South America with 'Treasures from the Past.' On this episode - we're seeing how the Galapagos Islands preserve natural history - and we'll discover the towering cliffs and elephant seals of Argentina's Peninsula Valdes.

Land of Crossing, Maghreb

Explore the shifting sands of North Africa with 'Treasures from the Past. 'We're heading to the Maghreb region to see rock paintings in Algeria and the markets and mosques of old town Tunis.

Sharing Smiles, Thailand

Come discover the historic sites of Thailand with 'Treasures from the Past.'We'll explore the festivals and traditions of Sukhothai - and meet treasure hunters on the rivers of Ayutthaya.

Echoes of Ancient Past, Australia

Discover the wilds of Australia with 'Treasures from the Past.' From the world's largest coral reef to the world's oldest rainforest - this continent houses an amazing variety of endangered species and marine life.

Eternal Pharaoh, Egypt

Discover the wonders of Egypt with 'Treasures from the past.' From the pyramids along the Nile to King Tut's tomb, we're bringing you the history and hieroglyphics of ancient times.

Dazzling Mosaic, Turkey

Come discover the crossroad of civilizations with 'Treasures from the Past.' Today we're exploring the World Heritage Site of Istanbul, Turkey, and the many great monuments the city holds.

Land of Coexistence, Africa

Take on the wonders of Africa with ‘Treasures from the Past.’ We’ll search for the source of the Nile in the sacred mountains of Uganda before finding giraffes, cheetah, and wildebeest in Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park.

Peaks of Faith, China

Explores Mt. Taishan, the sacred ground of Taoism that enshrines the Tao god of heaven. Also visit Tai'an City and its temples and mausoleums, where emperors held worship ceremonies and literary figures engraved their poems into the mountainside.

Prayers of the King, South Korea

Treasures from the Past travels to Gyeongju, South Korea, a city that served as a foundation for the country and unified the Korean peninsula in the 7th century. Burial mounds served as tombs for kings and are now considered a World Heritage site.

Tapestry of Freedom and Autonomy, Belgium

We tour the Le-Grand Place, the main square in Brussels. Its surrounding guild houses served as meeting places of merchants and craftsmen. These artisans would create enormous painting-like tapestries, which generated the town's lucrative wealth.

Dawn of Industry, UK I

Treasures from the Past visits Cromford Mill in Central England, home of the world's first water-powered spinning machine and birthplace of the Industrial Revolution.

Marching with Royalty, UK II

Treasures from the Past visits Westminster and Westminster Abbey, the birthplace of parliamentary democracy. The culture and history of the UK have marched alongside royalty, and the country's World Heritage sites are a testament to that journey.

Symbol of Resurrection, Czech Republic

Treasures from the Past heads to Prague to explore the Historic Centre of Prague, Prague Castle, and the gothic cathedrals-all symbols of Prague's history of war torn eras as well as times of prosperity.

Memories of Great Explorations, Portugal

Treasures from the Past commemorates the memory and legend of the great European explorers from Magellan to de Gama.

Gourmet Heritage, Italy

Treasures from the Past heads to Naples, the most representative city for Italian cuisine, to explore the gourmet wonders of Italy- a land rich with history, art, and food.

Eternal Grandeur, United States

Treasures from the Past explores the Independence Hall of Philadelphia along with other American landmarks that symbolize the birthplace of a new nation.

Undying Rhythm, Central America

Discover the rhythm of life in the Caribbean with 'Treasures from the Past'. We're heading to several island nations - including Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and Jamaica - for a look at their native dance and music.