Things That Move

Hosted by Jeff Douglas, Things That Move is a documentary series about how the mixture of starry-eyed inventors, technological innovation and historical confluence has lead to our traveling in ever more interesting ways.



From frozen fish to the high-tech luge; we’ll look at the origins, advances and impact of this essential winter machine.


From the first commercial snowboard made in the 1960’s– the ‘snurfer’ to the newest boards today we will examine how this sport has effected the hearts and minds of enthusiasts around the world.

Ice Resurfacer

Our program follows the history of the ice resurfacer from its earliest prototype to the modern machines we all know and love – even those few Canadians who are not hockey fans.


In 1958, Canadian Joseph-Armand Bombardier revolutionized the industry when he introduced the Ski-Doo. Though the concept was similar to the company's larger machines, the size and price of the new "snowmobile" made it an instant hit.


We will look at the colorful origins of this machine and the technical and mechanical innovations that have gone into making them work.


Our program follows the development of the wheelchair from the time it was first electrified to the ongoing experiments with direct control by the mind.


From the early ‘safety elevator’ designed by Elisha Otis to the newest high-speed travelator (moving sidewalk) we will examine the profound impact these machines have had on how we get around.

Bush Plane

We follow the remarkable story of the Canadian bush plane, the bush pilots who both designed and flew it, and the vital role it has played in many of the most rugged, inaccessible, parts of the world.


From the “wheel-boards” of the early 1900’s to the street-luge, vert-flyers and rail-stretchers of today, we look at the role this toy has played in shaping our culture.

Fire Engine

Fire engines have always captured the imagination of the young and old, our program will examine the shift from simple mechanics to today's bionic apparatus.


From the obscure ‘autogyro’ to the revolutionary Sikorsky helicopter, we examine the innovation of this complex machine that takes us where other flying machines cannot.


We follow the evolution, form and function of the impressive craft and consider the technological brilliance of a design that can be constructed, rebuilt, or repaired anywhere, anytime – for free.


From the slow moving beasts of the nineteenth century to the sleek sports designs that speed through open water, we look at the enthusiast-driven engineering behind amphibious vehicles.

Hang Glider

Powered only by thermals and ridge lift currents, hang gliding reached high-tech status in the 1970s. Since then hang-gliders have pushed the distance boundaries for free flight.

Roller Coaster

Hold on to your seats as we explore the history of the roller coaster from the Russian Ice Slides of the mid-1600s to the newest, fastest, wildest ride of today.


From the highly refined sport of the Tour de France to the radical bike courier world competitions, this show looks at the bike as a mechanism of ideology, livelihood and freedom.

Hot Air Balloon

We will go back to its earliest prototype made of cotton and paper and fired by straw and wool to some of the newest innovations in the hot air balloon.

Electric Car

Our program begins in the early days when the electric car was still king of the road; we’ll look at the new technology that’s going into them today, and ponder what it is about our world that makes it so difficult for them to succeed.


From steam to the modern combine, the rarely celebrated tractor has done more for humanity than anything else on wheels – turning agriculture into the world’s largest industry.


Though the railway mania that gripped North America in the 19th century was supplanted by the love of the automobile, high-speed design and innovation across Europe makes the train the most used vehicle for mass transportation around the world.


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Racing Yacht

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18 Wheeler

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Police Car

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Cruise Ship

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Ice Breaker

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Oil Tanker

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Roller Blades

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Garbage Truck

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Champ Car

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Stock Car

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Rocket Ship

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Jetson Pack

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Giant Earth Movers

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