The Collection

Love to collect? Join “The Collection” for some of the most notable compilations around. From great guitars to iconic celebrity items – we’re going to bring you a menagerie of amazing collections.


Norm's Guitars

Collectible guitars are not just novelties; they’re smart investments as well. Explore Norman’s Rare Guitars, where we’ll join Kiss bandmate Bruce Kulick, REO Speedwagon’s Dave Amato, and Norm himself to take a look at the most incredible guitars.

Making Music

Join us as we take you on a tour of the Museum of Making Music in beautiful Carlsbad, CA. Discover noteworthy instruments like a piano parachuted to troops in World War Two and a guitar built to withstand the blistering cold of Antarctica.

Peterson's Auto Museum

AWE will take you inside the Peterson's Auto Museum to show you the rare, the famous, and the rock and roll cars that shaped the history of the automotive.


AWE recently got the chance to check out Cher’s amazing and quirky assortment of costumes, furniture, paintings and jewels up on the auction block. You won't want to miss a minute of The Collection: Cher only on AWE.

Peter Margolis

Known as the birthplace of rock and roll and the home of blues, Memphis created a sound that changed the world of music forever. On the Collection, AWE tours the musical history of this unique city.

Memphis Music

The Collection showcases the Music of Memphis to discover the sties and sounds of this musical mecca. Home of the blues and the birthplace of Rock and Roll, Memphis is an major influence for music around the world.

Michael Jackson

The Jackson family is known for incredible entertainment and media scandal - and a recent auction filled with Jackson memorabilia certainly lived up to the family's reputation. Catch "The Collection: King of Pop" only on AWE.

Pugliese Pop Culture Auction

Movies, music, television, politics... You name it, we've got it. Come see an amazing collection of pop culture favorites at an incredible Las Vegas auction. It's "The Collection: The Pugliese Pop Culture Auction" only on AWE.

Treasures Uncovered: English Furniture Pt. I

Discover the secret stories of antiques with 'The Collection: Treasures Uncovered.' We're checking out some one of a kind pieces of British Furniture - from a japanned secretary to an architect's desk.

Treasures Uncovered: English Furniture Pt. II

Looking for museum quality pieces to spice up your home? 'The Collection:Treasures Uncovered' is exploring antiques. From a spindled bookcase to a remarkable round table - we're continuing our look at British Furniture.

Osbourne Family Auction

They're creepy, kooky, and just a little spooky - they're the Osbourne family! We're bringing you the amazing furniture, costumes, cars, and goodies from these rock-star neighbors with "The Collection: The Osbourne Auction" only on AWE.

Astor Classics

Art Astor is a successful entrepreneur and independent broadcaster from Southern California. For 30 years he acquired numerous automobiles and rare broadcasting memorabilia. The incomparable Astor Classics Museum is on this edition of The Collection.

Treasures Uncovered: Silver

Come explore the secrets of antiques with 'The Collection: Treasures Uncovered.' On today's episode - we're going beneath the surface to discover the shining stories of silver.

Nethercutt Collection

The Nethercutt Collection features a behind the scenes look at the world’s most expensive classic cars and mechanical musical machines. From one of a kind multi-million dollar autos to the world’s 3rd largest organ all on the Collection.

Bonham's Motorcar Auction

It's an auction tailor made for the elite - featuring the crème de la crème of vintage vehicles. Join 'The Collection' as we travel to Carmel, California for the fun and games at the Bonhams Motorcar Auction.

National Automobile Museum

From cars that belonged to stars to cars that were stars, the National Auto Museum in Reno features an array of classic rides and one of a kind automobiles.


We're stepping back in time - and getting up close and personal with America's first star. 'The Collection' is heading to Hollywood for a look at the cherished belongings of silent film sweetheart Mary Pickford.

Dina Collection

Tucked among the boutiques of Beverly Hills is a shop filled with celebrity bling. From jaw dropping diamond rings to fiery red Ferrari's and worthy Warhols. Just a block from RodeoŠ is the Pawn Shop to Hollywood's rich and famous.

Only Yesterday

On this edition of The Collection is a trip down memory lane to Only Yesterday, an historic private museum with impressive cars and notable collectibles. Part garage, part showroom, this is nirvana for auto hobbyists and all types of collectors!

Michael Jackson Auction

He's changed the face of music - and we've got the thrilling inside scoop. Get ready to never grow up - we're bringing you the games, gloves, and glitter of the King of Pop on 'The Collection: Michael Jackson.'

20th Century Props

One of Hollywood’s largest prop houses is going out of business and all the goods are going on the auction block! The Collection of over 90,000 pieces includes props used in Hollywood films and Television over the last 40 years.

Harley Davidson

The Collection takes you to HOG heaven as we tour the newly opened Harley Davidson Museum in Milwaukee. More than 400 classic bikes including the first Harley are on display for you to explore as we hit the road Harley style.

Basel World Part I

Travel to Basel World in Switzerland for the world’s ultimate watch show. In part 1, see watches worth more than a million dollars created by Bergeon, Ulysee Nardin and Patek Philippe on this edition of the Collection on AWE.

Basel World Part II

The Collection presents the most expensive watches in the world in part 2 of our visit to Basel Switzerland. From Concord’s diamond studded wristwatch to Christian Dior’s latest fashion accessories. It’s 30-minutes worth of bling on AWE.

Milhous Museum

Join us as AWE reveals the Milhous Museum. We have an exclusive look into a super private collection of vintage automatic music boxes, pristine classic cars and rare one of a kind pieces never even seen – until now.