The Adventurers

There are cultures all over the world that are on the brink of disappearing. “The Adventurers” follows the efforts of maverick explorers working to document and preserve vanishing civilizations.


The Last Nomads

Linguist/anthropologist Ian Mackenzie has spent years documenting the language and culture of the Penan tribe of Borneo, Malaysia, possibly the last truly nomadic society on earth.

A Story Told in Stone

The French Polynesian islands once housed thriving native populations that were tragically wiped out by European disease. The jungles consumed huge stone cities that sprawled across the interiors of Tahiti, Raivavae and the Marquesas Islands.

The Lost People of Baja

Canadian paleo-pathologist Eldon Molto is leading the search for clues of the mysterious Pericu people of Baja California, Mexico- a fierce, independent tribe that disappeared over a century ago.

The Everlasting Oasis

For 400,000 years, a remote Egyptian oasis has been inhabited by waves of people- from stone age man to modern-day Muslims. Egyptologist Tony Mills and his team are unearthing artifacts and examining skeletal remains of “the other Egypt”.