Taste! on AWE

Celebrate happy hour with ‘Taste!’ We’re traveling to famous distilleries and vineyards around the world to bring you samples of amazing beer, wine, and spirits.


Xanadu, Big Rock-Ed McNally, Jack Daniel’s

Today we’re heading to Tennessee for a sample of Southern hospitality – getting the story on an innovative beer in Canada – and finding paradise at an Australian vineyard.

Rancho Zabaco, Big Rock Eddies, Woodford Reserve

Today we’re checking out the historic whiskey distillery of Woodford Reserve – celebrating beer at a unique awards ceremony – and sipping a fine zinfandel in Sonoma, California.

Houghton, Coors Light, Wild Turkey

Today we’re learning how whiskey can be a family affair – tapping the Rockies at a historic brewery in Colorado – and traveling to Australia’s Swan Valley for a one of a kind wine.

Kendall-Jackson, Budweiser, Skyy Vodka

Today we’re tantalizing our senses at the Kendall Jackson winery – discovering the innovative flavors of Skyy vodka – and looking at the origins of Budweiser beer.

Cardinale Winery, Zima, Pernod

Today we’re learning the artistry of wine at a Napa Valley estate – traveling to Marseilles for a look at Pernod – and sipping the unique malt beverage of Zima.

Tinhorn Creek, Bud Light, Noilly Prat

Today we’re sipping dry Vermouth in the South of France – discovering a light beer in St. Louis – and visiting a romantic vineyard in the heart of Canada’s wine country.

Mission Hill, Heineken, Camus Cognac Distillery

Today we’re heading to France to experience a cognac with a legacy – and touring a celebrated brewery in the heart of Amsterdam.

Guado al Tasso, Alexander Keith’s, Dubonnet

Today we’re putting family first at a picturesque vineyard in Tuscany – and stepping back in time at a famous Canadian brewery.

Chateau Lassegue, Birra Morretti, Pernod Absinthe

Today we’re heading to France for a look at the intoxicating allure of Absinthe – and finding why Italy’s Bira Morretti has consumers leaving the vineyards behind.

Pommery Champagne. Keith’s Birthday, Casa Bacardi

Today we’re heading to a famous distillery in Puerto Rico for an up close look at Casa Bacardi – and touring a celebrated champagne house in Reims, France.

Chateau Magnol, Brahma, Alize

Today we’re heading to Brazil to see how Brahma beer represents the country – and taking it back to the basics at a vineyard in Bordeaux, France.

Tenuta di Arceno, Molson/Hockey, Marquis de Villard

Today we’re meeting a team of international wine experts at a Tuscan vineyard – and learning why beer and hockey blend so well together.

Antinori Wine, Keith’s Beer Institute, Martell Cognac

Today we’re learning the secrets of French brandy at a renowned cognac house – and visiting a celebrated vineyard in the heart of Tuscany.