• Selling Mega Mansions

    The biggest deals of real estate happen in the world of Mega Mansions! Follow these brokers as they find the perfect fit for the hottest homes in the world.

  • Special Spaces

    Special Spaces invites you inside America's most extraordinary homes, estates and mansions. Rich properties with rich history, decadent design, and spectacular views.

  • Live Here, Buy This

    What if you up and sold everything? Where could you afford to live and how? Live Here, Buy This tantalizes homeowners with enviable properties around the world that match the cost of their current home.

  • Buying Asia

    "Buying Asia" – the definitive guide for property in the Asian Pacific Region. In each episode we will review every country or city allowing you to decide whether it's a go or no go! We'll look at taxes, mortgages, rent ability, and sale ability.

  • Behind the Gates

    Ever wondered what life is like inside those truly amazing mega-mansions? Well, get ready for a VIP open house on Behind the Gates.