Selling Mega Mansions

The biggest deals of real estate happen in the world of Mega Mansions! Follow these brokers as they find the perfect fit for the hottest homes in the world.


Bigger is Better

Mike and Rebecca have been looking for their dream home in Miami and are stuck between their wants. And California tech bachelor Rick wonders whether he really should have brought along his girlfriend to go mansion shopping.

California Dreaming

Rick is discovering that Olivia is more than just a girlfriend, as he has to decide which home he will finally choose.


Francis and Connie, recently retired, are thinking of escaping New Jersey to Florida's sunny shores.Can an expansive Boca Raton estate lure Francis. Susan and George are looking for bigger and better to accommodate their family and business life.

Spanish Revival In Big D

Swept away by the sumptuous interior of 9614 Palmetto Park Road, Francis and Connie are ready to explore the amazing grounds. In Dallas George and Susan tour Mega Mansions. Heather Stegman of Rogers Healy next takes them to 10424 Marsh Lane.

Young and Rich

Recently divorced Peter brings his daughter Chloe to help him chose his new home in South Florida while trust fund rich Brad an Heather go shopping for their first mega purchase in Dallas, TX.

A New Leaf

Peter, a newly divorced father, is looking for a fresh start. Dallas trust fund couple Brad and Heather want to upgrade their family to their first mega mansion, but Heather is having second thoughts about needing so much space.

The Housewife of San Diego

Allie and Marco are out to purchase their first house together a luxurious Miami Beach townhouse might just fit the bill. California couple Callie and Steve are looking to move north to Orange county from San Diego.

The Rat Pad

In Miami, Tara West continues her tour of the Pine Tree Rat Pack house, Marco and Allie love it. In Orange County Steve makes his last pitch to try to convince Allie to leave their San Diego home.

Sky Mansions

Jeff and RJ love to entertain so Douglas Elleman's Tara West shows them a mansion in the sky. And resent empty nesters John and Debra are looking to start the next faze of their lives in the prestigious Dallas neighborhood of Highland Park.

Park Cities, Dallas

Tara shows Jeff and RJ a 2 story penthouse located in the Trump Royale Tower. This mansion in the sky has 4 bedrooms and 4 1/2 baths. In Dallas, John and Deborah reflect on the Gillon street house. Now Kevin is ready to show them his 2nd property.

Famous Neighbors

Selling Mega Mansions shows a couple the most luxurious estate with hidden doorways and expansive closets. The bonus? This mansion comes with some very well-known neighbors.

Dallas and Miami

In Miami, Douglas Elliman's Tara West is helping buyers Mark and Tasha search for their dream home. Meanwhile, back in Dallas, Kevin Tally and JD Gonzales from Healy and Associates are ready to show their clients a massive mansion.

Dallas and Miami Pt. 2

Douglas Elliman's Tara West is just finishing up showing Mark and Tasha a spectacular property on W Rivo Alto Drive in Miami Beach. In Dallas, Kevin and J.D from Rogers Healy & Associates leave plenty of time to show the massive mansion on Hues Lane.

Hedge Fund Fodder

On this episode of Selling Mega Mansions, The last few years, Mark's Hedge fund has gone through the roof. Now, Mark, along with his wife Bridget and their two children, are ready to level up from, modest in Westwood, to massive in Beverly Hills.

Coming To America

Coming to America was Mahmood's dream. Having met Gemma while getting his PHD at UCLA, he's now ready to relocate back to Beverly Hills and invest heavily in the hot Los Angeles and Beverly Hills real estate market.

Sunset Strip

Tech entrepreneur Craig and his wife Olivia are looking at mansions in the Hollywood Hills section of Los Angeles with Hilton & Hyland's Camille Anderson. Craig is looking for the ultimate party pad while his wife Olivia has other ideas.

Benedict Canyon Beauty

Tara West shows Shannon and Alexi the showroom for a yet to be built in a Miami Beach high rise. Camille Anderson shows Los Angeles couple Alana and Stephan a home that balances the Hollywood lifestyle with the prospect of starting a family.

Winter Birds

Camille Anderson took Alana and Stephen on a tour of an contemporary mansion in the Benedict Canyon area of Beverly Hills. Tara West showed Chicago residents Alexi and Shannon the model and showroom for a yet to be built Miami Beach masterpiece.

California Dreamy

On this episode of Selling Mega Mansions husband and wife Jack and Catherine are looking to upgrade their LA lifestyle to either the posh of Beverly Hills or the tranquil beaches of Malibu looking for their first mega-dream mansion.

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