The Roman Empire

Take a trip to the past with “The Roman Empire.” We’ll experience the great power of Roman Rule – and travel throughout Europe and Africa to the remains of this far-reaching civilization.


Timgad – Rome in North Africa

Walk thru the arches of Timgad to find the secrets behind Roman success. The first superpower, the Roman Empire flourished from Britain to Africa over 2,000 years ago. The secret of their power lies in the stone paved streets and artifacts of Timgad.

Pompeii – Talking Walls

A volcanic eruption buried the ancient city of Pompeii in ash more than 2,000 years ago. Excavation later showed the history of the city was left wonderfully preserved, revealing both bright and dark sides of the Roman Empire.

Northern Outpost – Rome in Transition

Roman Empire takes you to an ancient stonewall that holds clues to the problems that caused the decline of the world’s first superpower. From words written on wooden tabs, get insight into the minds of the 10,000 soldiers that lived along its lines.