Road Less Traveled

Host Jonathan Legg spans the globe in search of exotic and unique experiences; moments not found in the mainstream and rutted path of millions, but on the Road Less Traveled.


Season One

Jonathan gets the classic train experience acclimating to bizarre washroom customs and the diversity of society rolling down the tracks.

Our host dives deep into the rich stew of colonial legacies and neighborhood traditions.

On the verge of an epic roadtrip, Jonathan visits the shrine of the motorcycle God for providence and sidetracks to combat the all-woman unit of the Delhi police.

Jonathan embarks on a two wheeled journey over the highest roads in the world, stopping in remote monasteries to learn the secrets of Buddhism's warrior demons and track down a secreted manuscript rumored to explain the lost years of Jesus.

Jonathan weaves his way through citadels, dunes, and temples in this legendary frontier land of kings and warriors.

Jonathan weaves his way through citadels, dunes, and temples in this legendary frontier land of kings and warriors.

Fleeing the hard monsoon rains, Jonathan seeks refuge in the peaceful energy of India's largest Tibetan community.

Jonathan hangs out with a group of fisherman, attends a Kathakali dance academy, endures a spine cracking jeep ride, and bathes in a sea believed to cleanse a man of his sins.

Jonathan reveals an exclusive insight into the inner workings of the show, behind the scenes clips, along with never before seen footage and segments.

Season Two

After a leisurely bike ride around scenic Amsterdam and the Dutch countryside, Jonathan sticks out a thumb and catches a class E 400 meter long container ship en route to Morocco.

Jonathan visits the Slum Dog Millionaire neighborhood of Dharavi, explores the Taj Mahal Palace, and goes on a midnight search and destroy mission.

Jonathan heads straight for the Burmese border to meet the fabled Karen people.

Magic rituals and witch doctors await Jonathan as he trundles through the capital city of Jakarta. Later, he seeks refuge from the bizarre superstition in one of the most secluded communities in the world.

Jonathan explores the activities of the West Coast by speeding around a racetrack, roller skating with femme fatales, and soaring high about the mountains.

Jonathan embarks on an extended tour through the Philippines. He explores the Colonial legacy in Spanish Intramuros and a mean streets boxing gym.

Host Jonathan Legg seeks divine protection on a visit to the Black Nazarene of Quiapo church in Manila. An interview with an exorcist kick starts a forbidding voyage through the paranormal filled with Filipino vampires and demonic possessions.

Jonathan joins the world's oldest running group, leading to an arduous dash in the forests and an even grizzlier hazing ritual by the Hash House Harriers.

Jonathan looks to refresh his wardrobe in the fabric market of Vietnam, and a lucky encounter with a fashion designer leaves Jonathan with new duds.

In the world's most populous city Jonathan experiences robot conventions, high speed rail sushi restaurants, girl band geek fests, host clubs, and maid cafes.

Jonathan looks to descend into the past of the Samurai, Ronin, and Ninja by uncovering the little changed traditions of Bushido and training with deadly weapons. He visits opposite coasts to free dive and explore the aftermath of a tsunami.

Jonathan Legg recounts his best moments from the second season, revealing insights and unseen footage.

Season Three

Jonathan begins the journey from California crossing the Mojave desert, full of ghost towns and danger. Arriving in sin city, Las Vegas he looks around to expose the hidden side of town.

Jonathan enters a country still recovering from a violent past. He tours the killing fields and examines how the massive breakdown in society has lead to unusual freedoms like pharmaceutical drug and automatic weapon accessibility.

Jonathan begins a quest to find an extreme type of holy man reputed to eat human flesh and commit other blatant acts of embracing taboos in a strange path to nirvana. He begins in the holy city of Varanasi.

The quest for the extreme holy men, the Aghori, continues as a new one begins. In a country where anything can be found, Jonathan is unsurprising to find women in different roles and status, but the extremes are shockingly diverse and unexpected.

Italy in the summertime is as touristy as it gets...can Jonathan still find the road less traveled?

In stunning Lago di Garda Jonathan attempts to pull off a paragliding maneuver which almost put him in a wet grave last summer. Nearby, in the city of Bolzano, he joins a crack helicopter rescue force to pull another paraglider off the cliffs.

Jonathan digs around the Flanders exploring Western Europe's least understood region. He discovers how a Christmas cookie has turned into a spreading sensation and discovers a ghost town of automobiles with a mysterious past.

Jonathan travels down to the land of his ancestors. After a visit to the castle of legendary King Arthur, he goes down London where an undercover production is giving audiences full submersion cinematic experiences.

Jonathan enlists with a top modeling agency to learn what it takes to walk the runway and make it on magazines. He strolls Paris on a once in a lifetime romantic “Nuit Blanch” exploring their music and culinary scene.

Later he goes high and low, meeting with the founders of parkour for a dash across the rooftops of the city; and getting insiders access into the world of the cataphiles, who are creating an emerging scene deep below the town’s cobblestones streets.

Jonathan decides to create a movie in Bucharest, Romania. He tries a sport that seems closely related to baseball called Onia, and finds some gorgeous castles in this country.

Dracula may be its most famous resident, but there are equally outlandish and incredible tales to be told beyond the hills of Transylvania.

Jonathan explores the life and conquests of the world's greatest military mind; in Albania strange bomb shelters dot the countryside.

Jonathan enters Europe’s poorest country. He goes dog catching, swings trapeze in an old Soviet circus acquires a classic Dacia car, races horse drawn carts with the Gypsies, and cycles through one of the largest wine cellars in the world.

Now Jonathan mounts up on a beastly motorcycle to explore those same routes. A ride that ends at remote distilleries, where the best scotch you never heard of is savored. Leaving the bike behind, Jonathan descents into the countries pagan past.

All the highs and lows of our third season are recounted by Jonathan as he shows the audience deleted scenes and gives them insider information on how the episodes came together.

Season Four

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