Miracles of Nature

On our planet, there seems to be an infinite number of beautiful places one can visit, with an equal number of spectacular things to admire. The purpose of this program is to present you with the extraordinary diversity of our blue planet.


Patagonia, Belize, New Zealand

Visit Patagonia with its amazing glaciers. Then lose yourself in the midst of Europe's only steppe - the Hungarian Pustza where the local wonder includes hot springs. As we continue to Belize, we admire the southern hemisphere's largest coral reef.

United Kingdom, Scottish Highlands, Spanish Andalusia

To the north of the United Kingdom, we encounter some dramatic mountain sceneries. The Scottish Highlands, a place where the best whiskey in the world is made. On the shores of Lake Baikal, the largest, deepest, and oldest lake in the world.

Yemen, Yemeni Island of Socotra, Oman

Yemen, where the men carry their dull daggers tucked in their waistbands. In the Yemeni Island of Socotra, revel in the beauty of untouched nature. In Oman, explore the intricacies of frankincense and discover the charm of camels.

Caribbean, New South Wales

Visit the rain forest in Antigua in a very ingenious and considerate way. On Barbuda, watch a colony of magnificent Frigate birds. In New South Wales, the breathtaking Blue Mountains are a favorite destination.

Svalbard, Arctic

We start our adventure in Svalbard and from there, head off to explore the icy waste land of the Arctic. Later on, we will discover the splendor of Canadian nature in two of its French-speaking regions.

Madeira, Taiwan & Bali

Madeira, Taiwan and Bali - even though these islands are thousands of kilometers apart, they have one thing in common. All three islands were created by ancient volcanic action, that shaped their landscapes into truly wild and unbelievable beauty.

Mongolia, Gobi Desert

Discover that why when one hears, “Mongolia” one should think of more than just the desert and camels. The environment of the Gobi desert is so diverse, you can find everything from uncharacteristic ice- passes to breathtaking waterfall and lakes.

Costa Rica, Kenyan

Today, we begin in Costa Rica, in an amazing rain forest. Here they make delicious chocolate out of cocoa beans. Later, we will stop to wonder at the poetic symbiosis of wildlife in such close proximity to the capita of Kenyal – Nairobi.

Iceland, Tropical Laos

Visit Iceland and marvel at its numerous hot springs, but, it also is steeped in a rich cultural history. Tropical Laos is also inseparably linked to nature and we lose ourselves in the intricate cave labyrinth of the Laotian underground.

European Continent, Swiss Alps, Gibraltar

Starting off in the North, we will explore the pristine mountains of Lapland. From there, we will attempt to conquer the peaks of the Swiss Alps. We will end today’s adventure in Gibraltar – one of the pillars of the ancient world.

The Shetland Islands, Almaty

Travel to the very north of Great Britain – the Shetland Islands. Here, a million birds watch as the human population, numbering only 20,000, gets on with their everyday lives. We will then travel to the "center of the World", Almaty, Kazakhstan.

Czech Republic, Southern Moravia, Caribbean

Today, we are headed for the Czech Republic, and to the region of Southern Moravia, flourishing with orchids. Later, we will go back to the Caribbean, to Cuba. Cuba is a place of unbelievable natural beauty, and of brutal cock-fighting.

Southern & Northern Israel

Travel to the Holy Land, Israel. Start in the south, and work our way to the north. Along the way, we will stop to admire several locations. Some of the stops will take us to incredible works of nature; while others are the setting of Biblical tales.

Vesteralen, the Fair Isle and the Orkneys

Many islands lie in the sea between Great Britain and Scandinavia. All of these islands would have remained snow-covered and life would not have been sustainable were it not for the Gulf Stream; such are the three islands we are about to visit.

Rhodesia, Zimbabwe

Once upon a time, this was a single country known as Rhodesia. Today, it lies divided by a national boundary. Zimbabwe was initially Southern Rhodesia and lies to the south of the Victoria Falls along the river Zambezi.

Canary Islands, Guelmin

Today’s journey begins on the Canary Islands. Lanzarote is of a volcanic origin and created a fantastical landscape, similar to Mars. Wrap in the Moroccan province of Gulemin, a home to a nomadic tribe whose inseparable companions are camels.

Veracruz, Cayman Islands

On the Mexican seaside state of Veracruz, admire the unbelievable colors of locally grown orchids and find out how vanilla is grown. The Cayman Islands in the Caribbean are relatively small, but are inhabited by some remarkable animals.

Salzburg Region, Algarve, Corsica

Venture into Austria's Salzburg region, famous for its Alps and Tauern mountains. After that, move over to the south western outpost of the old continent to Portugal's Algarve region. To conclude, we will admire Corsica, the French island of beauty.

Seychelles, Muritius, South Kivu

In the islands’ rain forest of Seychelles, encounter some remarkable fauna and flora. Travel to the province of South Kivu to the only place on the planet where close relatives to humans, the mountain gorillas - live.


Bolivia is a country of countless natural sights. We will begin on the high plateau of Altiplano, stopping by the world’s largest salt lake. Round up today’s journey on the shores of lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world.

Zambia, Kakheti, Svaneti, Kurzeme

Zambia, the Latvian region of Kurzeme, the Georgian provinces of Kakheti and Svaneti, seem to have very little in common. There are some similarities but the main one is that all these places are endowed with beautiful, raw nature.

Ethiopia, Jamaica

In today’s episode, we will visit two different corners of our planet. While these places are thousands of kilometers apart, spiritually they are more like close relatives.

Poland, Caribbean

Travel to the Masurian Lake District - an impressive water world in north-eastern Poland. We will then trade in the cool Baltic region for tropical Caribbean, showing that it would be wrong to link Guantanamo only with the famous American naval base.

Bamiyan, Niğde, Patagonia

Today we will visit some places where people haven’t had it easy. Despite the hardships they experience daily, they choose to stay and shape their destiny.

Thailand, Sri Lanka

Thailand is one of the few countries in Southeast Asia that has never been a European colony. Some 30 km south of India lies an island that has been known under many names throughout history. Ceilão was the name given to Sri Lanka by the Portuguese.

The Best of Miracles of Nature

We encountered some amazing natural sights, often ordinary. Let us be reminded of some truly remarkable places on earth, the most extraordinary animals that have ever evolved, and the rarest plants to have ever grown.