Metropolis is a city slicker’s guide to the architecture, design and urban style of some of the most recognized cities in the world.



Syria played host to some of the greatest and oldest civilizations in the world and its beautiful terrain is strewn with evidence. Once immensely wealthy, it’s no surprise the region fell under the control of many superpowers and each left its mark.


Explore one of Asia’s most modern cities, Singapore. In the last half of the century this small island state has transformed itself into a well organized, vibrant, business and banking hub servicing the Asian region.


In Metropolis Venice, presenter Julian Davison explores the history of one of the world’s most extraordinary cities through its architecture and its rise as one of the most powerful commercial empires the world has ever known.


Barcelona, capital of Catalunya; an empire which once straddled the Pyrenees and ruled trading routes of the Mediterranean. A proud nation with its own language, customs, traditions, all forged by a fierce democratic history.