Masters of Illusion

Masters of Illusion astounds even the most jaded with its fast-paced sleight of hand experts, escape artists, comedy magicians, illusionists and more!


Heart Stopping – Literally

Scarlett crawls through a fan, Jeff McBride mask act, Kalin and Jinger, Farrell Dillon’s rope street magic, Guy Bavli stops his heart.

Keep Your Eye on the Coin

Jason Byrne, Dan Sperry pulls a coin through his eyes, Joe Skilton’s dollar bill tricks, Krystyn Lambert’s street magic, Kevin James and Jonathan Levit.

Now You See It, Now You Don’t

Scarlett performs a split-second transportation, Ed Alonzo livens up Hollywood Boulevard with his classic comedy, Mark Kalin makes billiard balls disappear and reappear and much more.

Fun with Disappearing Foods

Nathan Gibson’s street magic, Rocco’s FISM Award winning act changing foods into different foods, Jonathan Levit’s psychic cards, Kevin James suspends a Janitor in mid air.

Pins and Swallowing Needles

Tony Clark pulls a bottle through the stomach of an audience member, Mark Canon is sealed in a coffin and must escape, Dave Williamson’s Houdini illusion of swallowing needles.

The Cloak of Invisibility

Eric Buss’s snake symphony, Krystyn Lambert street magic, Rick Thomas levitates his assistant, Mac King’s cloak of invisibility.


Dave Cox bunny in a hat comedy, Ed Alonzo pulls a bean from his eye, Doc Eason’s classic coin trick, Joel Ward metamorphosis illusion.

Things That go Bump in the Night

Aaron Radatz’s Things that go Bump in the Night illusion, Losander produces bubbles that grow flowers, Dan Sperry’s street magic.

Rabbit Roulette

Dave Cox and the Comedy Chicken Catapult, Dan Birch’s classic bird act, Eric Buss rabbit impalement trick, Brett Daniels Man without a middle.

Crazy Scary Magic

Krystyn Lambert’s mentalism magic, Ed Alonzo escapes from a Straight Jacket, Patrick Martin’s Freddie Kruger card trick, Fielding West gets blindfolded.

Vanishing into Thin Waters

Patrick Martin’s vanishing birdcage, Danny Cole moves a tie, handers and costume on its own, Chase Curtis’s Houdini water torture cell — with a surprise ending.

Who’s Got the Box?

Chase Curtis disappears and reappears a box of candy and a bunny rabbit, Eric Mead’s martini cards, Rick Thomas’s comedy audience participation to find who’s got the box.


David & Dania’s quick costume changes, Kevin Viner reads a passerby’s mind, Krystyn Lambert plays with matches, Chase Curtis Excalibur illusion.