Live Here, Buy This

What if you up and sold everything? Where could you afford to live and how? Live Here, Buy This tantalizes homeowners with enviable properties around the world that match the cost of their current home.


Season One

Dying to get back into the action Jessica and John are looking at life in, London, Scottsdale and Playa del Carmen Mexico.

Will it be Belize, Austria or coastal BC that gets this family breathing easy?

Donna and Angelo dream about life in Belize, White Rock and Fort Lauderdale – but will it be the mountains or the ocean that wins their hearts?

Marcy & Mike are thinking about moving to Panama, Thailand or Argentina. But will a lifestyle 360 be too much culture shock for them?

Matt & Nat are seasonally nomadic. Matt plays professional hockey, and returning to their cute country home in the off season just isn’t cutting it anymore. They’re looking at relocating to France, Argentina and London England.

Sandra & Craig dream of life in sunnier exotic locations. But will Thailand, Grenada or Panama be exactly what the doctor ordered?

Vancouverites Derek and Darlene realize that life is short, and they’re ready to seize the day... But will it be Thailand, Ireland, or Argentina that affords them the lifestyle of their dreams?

Brandon and Kathleen have lived in Calgary all their lives, and are now looking at homes in Lake Havasu, Ariz., Celebration, Fla., and Ixtapa, Mexico.

Mike and Tanya think life in a big city is no longer the best place to raise their kids. Will Austria, Thailand or Halifax be their next move?

Entrepreneurs Jason & Erin work 24/7! Though business is great, this young family realizes they need more fun in their lives.

Cathy and Phil love their adult kids... but want to kick them out of the nest – so they can start a new life in Mexico, Buenos Aires, or West Palm Beach Florida.

Now that the kids are off to college, empty nesters Mike and Ela can indulge in their passions of golf and gardening. They’re considering flying the coop to Chile, the English countryside or the Arizona desert.

Entrepreneurs George & Lauren are exhausted by their daily grind, and dream about ditching their digs and relocating to Panama, Chile, or Lunenburg Nova.

Season Two

Marion & Stewart are stuck in a rut on the 'Rock'. They are looking for a more a vibrant culture under sunny skies.

Since Scott & Maya caught the travel bug, life in the suburbs has become a little ho-hum. Time to spice it up by exploring a move to Hawaii, New Zealand or Florida.

Small town sweet hearts Don & Adele are looking to slow life down by moving to a warmer climate. They fantasize about being beach bums in the Dominican, Ecuador and New Zealand.

Chad and Allison live in a small suburb in the country. Feeling isolated from the rest of the world has them dreaming about life in Aruba, Nicaragua & Greece.

With three kids hooked on technology, Mary Jo & Brent are ready to escape modern day electronics, and move somewhere with old world values and a weak internet signal.

Yasmin and Shahid are looking to lighten their load. With Shahid working 7 days a week, they’d like to slow life down and enjoy some family time in.

Paolo and Christine are looking for more balance in their lives, they’re tired of North America’s 'live to work' attitude – and are looking to slow life down and make the most of their family time.

Pameljit and Tajinder and have no qualms relocating if it promises a better life for their family. They’ve done it before. But will it be Mexico, Italy or Spain that gets them packing their bags?

Jennifer and Aldrin are tired of the same old same old, they want more culture and excitement and they think they can find that in Europe.

James and Jaleen are all about the simple pleasures of life. Good food, good friends and natural landscapes are all they need to be happy.

Robin & Nathalie love city living –but the birth of their son has them wanting more. These cityslickers are looking for more culture with a small town feel.

Wannabe writers Heather and Pete want to take their hobby fulltime and settle down somewhere that inspires them to write. But will the backdrop be Aruba, New Orleans or the Czech republic?

Proud parents Lisa & Christos dream of raising the world’s next tennis greats. They’re starting early with their baby girls: Nefretiri & Aphrodite, but will it be game, set, match in France, Greece or Italy?

Season Three

Urbanites Yasmeen and Jibran feel caged in. This expectant couple wants to spread their wings and find more excitement in an urban jungle.

New parents Chris & Jasmine are looking for a big city lifestyle without the big city attitude. Baby Jackson has made them re-examine their ‘needs’.

Vancouverite designers Penelope and Wayne are looking for a new project in a sunny. But will it be Nicaragua, Tuscany or Provence that inspires them to move to the house of their dreams?

Bad weather is raining on Tara and Paul’s parade. They want to soak up the sun in a family-friendly locale. So will they choose sand and surf in the Dominican Republic or Nicaragua, or the rolling hills of Tuscany?

Greg and Heather want to raise ‘good global citizens’ and they are always on the hunt for the next great adventure.

Vancouverites Marlies and Stu are on the verge of being empty nesters and look forward to living the ‘luxe life’. But will Aruba, Hawaii or Provence prove the most attractive option to get their boys to come visit?

Small town sweethearts Adam and Alison are tired of the rat race and ready to trade their big city home for a more outdoorsy lifestyle.

City life is starting to take its toll on John and Kirsty. They want to stretch their dollar somewhere with a better live-work balance. Will they find what they’re looking for in Hawaii, Australia or Scotland?

Toronto retired couple Bob and Michelle are young at heart and their house is worth enough to buy them a life of leisure. But will it be in the mansions of Nicaragua, the heart of bustling Prague or the fun-filled beaches of Mexico?

Lisa and Charlie own a seasonal restaurant that’s frantic in summer and dead in the winter. They’re looking for a better lifestyle balance.

Frank & Sarah want to take their interest in photography to the next level, but they’re lacking inspiration.

Nick and Andrea have 4 kids, full time jobs and flip houses on the side. They’re ready to cash in both their properties to enjoy some quality family time in paradise.

Courtney & Jamie moved to a small town to raise their young kids, but it’s too far from action and fun. They’re looking at dream homes in Dallas, Huatulco, Mexico, and Prince Edward Island.