Let’s Shop

Love to shop? Who doesn’t! And we’ve got the series for you – “Let’s Shop!” From silks in Shanghai to bikinis in Brazil – we’re hitting one-of-a-kind boutiques for all the accessories, décor, food, and fashion you could ever need.


Bangkok, Thailand

Take an exclusive tour of the most exhilarating shopping destinations in the world. Visit the cosmopolitan city of Bangkok. Explore this "shopping Mecca" and learn how shopping cannot only be fun, but also inspiring and educational.

Shanghai, China

Silk, traditional teas, futuristic fashions… Cheryll Gillespie finds all this and more when she visits the Chinese jewel of a city, Shanghai. Discover this famous shopping destination where the locals are some of Asia’s most fashionable people.

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Let’s Shop heads to the exciting city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. With the help of the legendary Hans Stern, we’ll seek out the finest coffee, music and jewels that Brazil has to offer.

Johannesburg, South Africa

On this episode of Let’s Shop, host Cheryll Gillespie travels to South Africa and visits the largest city in sub-Saharan Africa: Johannesburg. Join Cheryll as she discovers new fashion trends and gets a visit from Miss South Africa.


Join Cheryll Gillespie as she sets out to explore the mythical paradise that is Singapore.  From chic designer boutiques to outdoor markets, and from historical landmarks to cultural destinations, Cheryll hits all of Singapore's hotspots.

Istanbul, Turkey

Linking Europe and Asia, Istanbul is a land of magic and captivation. Join host Cheryll Gillespie as she visits the famous Grand Bazaar, discovers the ancient art of carpet making and indulges in the many wonders of Istanbul.

Abu Dhabi

Discover the oasis paradise of Abu Dhabi with host Cheryll Gillespie. From unique outdoor souks to designer boutiques, she checks out all the shopping hot spots and takes a turn off the beaten path to do some off-road dune bashing and sand surfing.

Montreal, Canada

On this episode of Let’s Shop, host Cheryll Gillespie heads north to the picturesque city of Montreal. Watch as she enjoys the French culture, Montreal jazz, European style cuisine, and chic fashions of this shopper’s paradise.

Cape Town, South Africa

Let’s Shop heads to the edge of Africa to discover the local goods of Capetown. It’s a center of culture, where the Atlantic meets the Indian Ocean, and African and European cultures collide. From this cape come shops filled with worldly goods.

Tokyo, Japan

Let’s Shop visits the land of the rising sun. Join Cheryll Gillespie on a tour of Tokyo’s fast-paced, energetic districts filled with way-out fashions, the latest electronics, luxurious home décor items, traditional art …and sushi!

Nice, France

Join Cheryll Gillespie as she heads out to the French Riviera and visits Nice during the famous Carnival Festival. Watch as she creates a perfume at France’s oldest perfume house and shops at the most unique and interesting locations.

Marrakech, Morocco

Cheryll Gillespie is transported to the enchanted Marrakech; the pearl of South Morocco. Join us as she bargains with vendors in Medina and travels to the port town of Essaouria, the gateway to Africa.

Gulf States

Watch as Cheryll Gillespie embarks on an adventure to find shopping gems in the Gulf States of Oman and Qatar. Join her as she experiences the fantastic Arab hospitality, finds exotic jewelry and the most expensive perfume in the world.

Buenos Aires

Take a stroll with Cheryll as she wanders through the cobbled stone streets searching for unique and local shopping. Watch as she stops for a chance to experience the Tango in this beautiful European-style city in the heart of Latin America.

Mumbai, India

Wander with Cheryll Gillespiel through the sprawling city as she hunts for wonderful art and artisans, tries on a sari or two, and experiences the magical Elephanta Caves.

Vancouver / Kelowna

Join Cheryll Gillespie as she experiences the relaxing lifestyle of Vancouver before taking a side trip to beautiful Kelowna and Okanagan Valley.

Toronto, Canada

Get swept away by the energy of Toronto with "Let's Shop." We'll find mouthwatering pastries, eclectic art, and amazing clothes in this city of possibilities.


Experience the windswept beauty and carefree attitude of Cape Cod with "Let's Shop." We'll find one of a kind souvenirs in Provincetown - from high end fashion to highly spirited works of art.


Let's Shop hits the historic streets of Boston for a shopping experience like no other. We'll find retail therapy with the mayor - and sample some divine culinary delights.


Join "Let's Shop" for sea, sand, sun... and incredible shopping! We'll cruise through the Caribbean, and check out the fine jewelry and local favorites of the region.


Explore the royal city of Copenhagen with "Let's Shop." From chic clothes to timeless collectibles, this Danish capital is a haven for people who love to shop.


Explore the sights, sounds, and flavors of China with "Let's Shop." We'll travel to Beijing, and learn how this vibrant city balances tradition with contemporary style.

Baltics - Part I

Visit the cobblestone streets of Estonia with "Let's Shop." We're checking out the folklore and culture of the Baltics while we search for the best art, glass, jewelry, and clothing of the region.

Baltics - Part II

Let’s Shop heads to the Baltic States to discover the cultural gems of Riga. With more than 800-years of history, this region blends past and present in a shopper’s paradise of cultural goods.


Longing for a tropical escape? Get away to Tahiti with "Let's Shop." We'll relax next to the brilliant blue waters of the South Pacific - and search for the island's best pearls.

Best Of

Get ready to jet-set with "Let's Shop." We're bringing you the best moments of the series - from eye-catching fashions in Canada and Argentina to sparkling jewelry in Denmark and Brazil.


Get out those credit cards - ‘Let’s Shop’ is headed to Taiwan for a true shopping paradise. Come find local designs, glittering jewelry, and amazing food on this fascinating island.

Hong Kong

Get your credit cards ready - 'Let's Shop' is heading to the exciting city of Hong Kong. From high end fashion to exquisite home design - we're checking out the distinctive flavors of this unique getaway.

Fort Lauderdale

The sexy beaches and sunny weather of Ft. Lauderdale make for the perfect backdrop to shop! Hit the hottest stores, try on jewels from elite designers, and tour the most exquisite art galleries in this luxurious locale of Florida.


Host Cheryl brings along a special traveling companion as she braves The Grand Bazaar of Istanbul. Then your hosts dive into the culture that makes some of the architecture, furniture, and jewelry of this country unlike anything else in the world.


Host Cheryl takes you to Miami where the fashion and art are influenced by the melting pot of individuals that call Miami home. Take a trip to Little Havana and see why it is reminiscent of old world Cuba.