Kindness Diaries

Welcome to the adventure of a lifetime: a heartfelt, humor-filled & jeopardy-laced journey around the earth. Follow eternal optimist, passionate adventurer, and former broker Leon Logothetis, as he circumnavigates the globe in a search for kindness.


The Gift of Love

With a tank full of gas donated by a “would-be traveler”, Leon and Kindness One® leave LA and try their luck in Sin City before finding help from a Scotsman in an out of the way Western town in Colorado.

The Gift of Security

Leon goes deep into working life on a cattle ranch in Nebraska – literally. Has bike trouble in Chicago, before being shunned by the Amish, but a chance encounter with a homeless man in Pittsburgh, leaves him transformed and inspires his next gift.

The Gift of Inspiration

Leon finds refuge in the world’s toughest city, works his way across the Atlantic aboard a cargo ship. A Spanish customs issue threatens to derail his journey, and the music of two African musicians in southern France, inspires his next gift.

The Gift of Transformation

Leon finds shelter in 18th Century villa outside Torino, but his luck runs out on the shores of Lake Como. After nearly calling it quits, he learns the value of putting up a good fight and finds inspiration.

The Gift of Abundance

After catching some waves in Zagreb and touring the turbulent history of Sarajevo, Leon and Kindness One® make it to Montenegro, where a kind farmer whose family has been tilling the same land for 20 generations inspires his next surprise gift.

The Gift of Service

In Kosovo, Leon meets a Muslim woman who dreams of peace, and some bike trouble in Greece opens the door for adventure. Finally, some high-altitude hospitality in Turkey.

The Gift of Tomorrow

In Ephesus, Leon walks in the footsteps of Apostle Paul, before escalating Middle-East conflicts threaten his journey. And in New Delhi, the kindness he receives from a struggling rickshaw driver inspires his next surprise gift.

The Gift of Education

Leon and Kindness One® tour the world’s most famous monument to love, the Taj Mahal, And after a day’s work on an Indian Farm, Leon travels to The City of Fire, where a blessing he receives in the Holy Ganges River helps inspire his next gift.

The Gift of Joy

Leon is potentially stranded, when Kindness One® suffers a major breakdown in Patna. Later, he fulfills every Englishman’s dream in Darjeeling before he travels to Bhutan, to experience “Gross National Happiness” in action.

The Gift of Protection

Leon and Kindness One® are forced to take the long way around to get to Thailand, but still manage to dive head first into their adventure. In Cambodia, Leon fulfills a childhood dream when he visits the ancient Temple of Angkor Wat.

The Gift of Sight

A visit to The Killing Fields of Cambodia is a harsh reminder of humanities darker side. In Ho Chi Minh City, Leon experiences the modernization of Vietnam. And while searching for food, Leon serendipitously meets a woman who opens his eyes.

The Gift of Loyalty

Leon and Kindness One® earn their sea legs one last time traveling, via cargo ship, from Asia to Vancouver, where they are greeted by a majestic wilderness and a bitter cold front. Also, an encounter with The Adorable Snow Beast.

The Gift of Grattitude

On the last leg of their adventure, Leon and Kindness One® travel down the Pacific Coast. Reflections of his favorite moments inspire Leon to meet with the 1st person to show him kindness and to give the last and epic surprise gift of his journey.