Highway to Fame

The journey to stardom is long and hard, why not jump on the Highway To Fame? Follow this unscripted series as Directions International conducts its global search for the next big artist in the music industry.


A Music Revolution

A music family sets its sights on revolutionizing a broken music industry. Their model gives the power of music back to the artists and the people.

The Next Step

Holly and Kirsti champion a new artist, Abrielle, at Directions International. Abrielle puts everything on the line in a Nashville recording studio. The interns are so impressed with Autumn that Fred questions his initial impressions.

In With the New

Seth gives the interns a project to each find a new artist to pitch to the group. Fred discusses ASCAP. Holly discovers Claudia from her music video. Fred gives Seth a hard time about his

Pitching In

The crew has 36 hours to throw a party at a local bar in order to scope out new and fresh talent. Shane gets valuable information on pitching songs to Capital Records.

London, We All Fall Down

Fred takes the team to London to sort out contracts before they fall through; Hunter and Jessica head to North Carolina to see Autumn perform live, but are disappointed with the results. The team scopes out brand new talent in London.

Stormy Weather

Tony and Holly face a potential blowout after meeting with Abrielle and a stylist. Meanwhile, Autumn’s trip to Nashville is put in jeopardy after a deadly tornado rips through her hometown.

Leaving the Nest

Seth explains the separation of work and family life as he and his wife welcome their newest child. The team meets with their new artist, Billy Droze, who opens up about a family tragedy in his past.

Family Affairs

The team meets to discuss problems with another artist, Autumn. Artist Billy Droze gets a huge surprise from Directions International. Abrielle gets unwanted interference from her mother.

A Helping Hand

Rich York comes to town after a hiatus to work again with the Directions International team. Seth dives deeper in the career of artist Billy Droze as he struggles to bring his family to the United States.

A Studio, A Rehearsal, A Contract

Billy Droze records in Nashville with his friend and Producer David Norris. Abrielle Mullins takes the next step with Directions International as the struggles continue to separate from her parents.

On the Road

Seth finds a new band through website submissions. Tony relies on his touring background to put together a band and transport them down to Alabama for Abrielle Mullins’ show.

One Journey Ends, Another Begins

Artist Claudia Edward is sent to Baltimore for a writing session before her performance in Nashville. Billy Droze continues to wait on his family from Lithuania. Fred is faced with the possibility of loosing a team member.

Oh, By the Way

Claudia Edward showcases for Directions International with a new band. The team finally gets to see a performance by Mike Ferrell, the artist in the opening of the show.