FreeCast Adds OAN Plus and AWE Plus to SelectTV through Deal with Herring Networks

For Immediate Release – May 4, 2020

FreeCast adds fast-growing networks One America News Plus and AWE Plus to its SmartGuide products.

FreeCast is announcing a new agreement with Herring Networks, Inc. to bring One America News Plus and AWE Plus to the company’s SelectTV and SmartGuide-powered streaming services. These well-known channels are the latest additions to FreeCast’s lineup as the company expands both its content selection and its partnerships with content providers in advance of an initial public offering.

The conservative One America News Network (OAN) is one of the fastest growing channels in the country, with carriage deals with many cable and satellite TV providers as well as a robust online distribution. A Wealth of Entertainment (AWE) is a lifestyle and entertainment channel with both a domestic and international presence.

As FreeCast moves towards an IPO, the company has been investing in its relationships with content providers, adding veterans to its executive team and working to build monetizable relationships that go beyond simply directing users to externally-hosted content.

William Mobley, CEO of FreeCast, talked about the opportunity for both companies stemming from the new deal: “These are exactly the kind of channels we want. They’re growing fast and people are looking for access to them, even as the shift away from cable TV continues. We’re happy to help them grow through our millions of customers, and we’re always excited to bring high quality and recognizable content into our own system and make it easier for our users to access.”

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