Focal Point

Go beyond the headlines with Focal Point: the frontier documentary series that takes you inside today’s most controversial issues, bringing the debate to your doorstep.


Cuba: An Island Apart

Part One – Cuba on Fire: From violence is born a new beginning. A beginning led by a young University of Havana student named Fidel Castro. Castro marches a rag tag group of rebels into Havana and captures the Presidential Palace in a move that stuns the world.

Part Two – Little White Shoes: The United States launches an invasion against the small Caribbean island of Cuba in an operation led by the CIA. The attack further cements the grip of the Soviet Union on Cuba as an economic embargo begins to take its toll on Cuban life.

Part Three – Esperanza: Art and sports collide as a new Cuba is born in the wake of the 50th anniversary of the Bay of Pigs invasion. The future is anything but certain as a Cuba without Castro becomes a very real possibility.

Echoes from Chernobyl

Experience one of a kind interviews with former Chernobyl employees as we give you the complete picture of the Chernobyl disaster. Join us as we walk within four-hundred meters of one of the most dangerous buildings on earth.

Video Game Empire

Focal Point presents a rare look at one of the most dominant and powerful industries in entertainment. This controversial documentary investigates and uncovers the secrets of the video game industry and the effects they have on our everyday lives.

Crossing Borders

The immigration debate has reached a boiling point. Politicians fear the issue and every citizen has an opinion. Hear the stories of those that made the crossing. The line has been drawn. On what side do you stand?

The God Particle

Viewers are invited to watch as the truth behind “The God Particle” is released to the public. See how God is interacting with the laws of physics in this episode of Focal Point.