Find Me a Beach House

We all have a fascination with the beach. For some the ultimate goal is to live as close to the water as possible. Find Me a Beach Home is tasked with helping Our buyers find the perfect beach house. The challenge is to find a house that will suit everyone’s needs.

Find Me a Beach House on AWE


Ep. 1: From East Coast To West Coast
Ep. 2: Dan & Dani In Venice
Ep. 3: Debbie In Venice
Ep. 4: Manhattan Beach, CA
Ep. 5: Brian & Ashley
Ep. 6: Joe & Mercedes
Ep. 7: Julie & David

Ep. 8: Grace & Eric
Ep. 9: Carrie & Mark
Ep. 10: Manhattan Beach Beauty
Ep. 11: Emma & Malcolm
Ep. 12: Kimberly’s Peaceful Oasis
Ep. 13: Catherine & David