Dream Cruises

Pristine waters, exotic ports of call and unique, once-in-a-lifetime activities await you on Dream Cruises. Sail away with us on state of the art vessels fit for adventure on the seas.


Season One

Sail on the Adriatic Sea to the Greek Islands aboard the luxurious MSC Musica -- a ship that boasts multiple decks, intimate cafes, & exciting live shows.

The Mediterranean: Sun-drenched beaches and cities rich with historical influence. See all of this and more as you sail on the MSC Fantasia, one of the most luxurious ships built by a European cruise line.

Discover opulence and splendor on the Magnifica while it sails to Italy, Greece, Israel and other magical locations throughout the Mediterranean. Next stop: Three of the seven wonders of the world await along this journey.

This floating luxury hotel the MSC Orchestra, takes a one week trip across the Baltic Sea and Northern Europe's most fascinating cities.

Explore the western Caribbean aboard the amazing Navigator of the Seas. Passengers discover stunning Caribbean islands on this massive and luxurious ship.

Australia -- idyllic islands, aboriginal tribes, and The Great Barrier Reef await the passengers aboard the luxurious Rhapsody of the Seas.

Royal Caribbean's Allure of the Seas is the largest liner ever built. On this floating city, travel from Florida to Jamaica, across one of the most beautiful seas in the world.

Welcome aboard the Brilliance of the Seas, and sail to the mystical Greek islands, Italy and other ancient locales across the Mediterranean.

Cape Liberty is the perfect port of embarkation for the Explorer of the Seas. Pamper yourself with wine, fine restaurants, and Caribbean destinations on this magical trip.

The unexpected wonders of China come to life on this liner, The Legend of the Seas. Travel through Shanghai and take exciting side trips through China's neighboring countries.

Eccentricity is a way of life in these small, charming islands and unspoiled beaches of Brazil. Set sail to its surrounding cities on this beautiful voyage across the Vision of the Seas.

Explore wonders off the Adriatic Sea. The Voyager of the Seas has sailed practically every ocean in the world, and now it's set its course for the coast of Italy.

Cross the Atlantic and explore the Spanish coast aboard the luxury liner Silver Wind. Stops including the gorgeous St. Lucia and exciting Antigua.

Season Two

Travel aboard the Silver Spirit, a small liner with an intimate cruising experience. Dive into restaurants, boutiques, and five-star service along the ports of Grenada, St. Lucia and the Virgin Islands.

Welcome aboard the Zenith, as we set sail on the Adriatic and Aegean Seas! After visiting the castles of Bologna and the enchanting canals of Venice, we will follow the coastline of the Adriatic Sea.

It is a board Silversea's Silvershadow that we sail the coastline of one of the world’s most fascinating regions. Over the course of our trip, we will visit the acclaimed sites of Southeast Asia, including Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Singapore.

This long river flowing from its source in Spain comes alive on the coasts of Portugal. Centuries of agriculture are visible on the mountain sides as we witness its imposing wealth and prestigious universal heritage.

Medieval castles, landscapes rich in history, customs several centuries old, and stunning architecture, are witnesses to the splendor of bygone eras. This is a taste of the adventure that lies ahead as we sail the Danube, Europe’s majestic river.

This Christmas Time Dream Cruises follows the passengers of the riverboat Amaprima, as it winds its way through the heart of Europe in the days preceding Christmas.

The Mississippi: a legendary river that crosses the US. The boat is a beautiful replica of the famous steam boats that sailed the river during the 19th century. On the agenda: jazz and blues, famous plantations, and historical sites.

Welcome to the province of Assam in northeastern India. We'll be cruising down the Brahmaputra River, through some of the most beautiful terrain on the planet.

For this dream cruise, we set off on the Caribbean Sea! It is aboard the Costa Luminosa that we will discover the Pearl of the West Indies, a territory coveted by travelers from all over the world.

Dream Cruises invites you to travel the waters of the Guadalquivir and the Guadiana to discover this celebrated part of Spain. Starting in Seville, we will sail the waters of these exotic European ports of call, aboard the luxurious Belle de Cadix.

Built essentially to sail on the Adriatic Sea and along the Dalmatian coast, this intimate yet beautifully appointed ship can dock in most ports large and small.

Dream Cruise welcomes you aboard the MS Botticelli for a cruise on one of the most beautiful rivers of Europe, the Seine! On this intimate cruise on the Seine, we will visit some of the country’s most beautiful cities including Paris.

On this unique cruise on the Cyrano de Bergerac, we will be sailing the region of Bordeaux, known for its amazing wines but also for its many historical sites.

Season Three

Dream Cruises invites you to sail the Rhine on board CroisiEurope’s MS Europe - A 100-metre 4-star ship accommodating up to 120 passengers. Our route will take us to the city of Rudehsheim, the romantic part of the Rhine with its many castles.

On this cruise, we will drift on this mythical river which runs 4500 km long. We will start our visit on the Tonle Lake where we will discover the magnificent remains of the majestic temples of Angkor.

It is considered the most beautiful city on Earth, the most romantic, the most mysterious. Dream Cruises invites you on board the Michelangelo to visit the most romantic city in the world: Venice.

Welcome on the Volga, Europe’s longest river. Almost 3700 km long, it flows through extraordinary landscapes and tells the amazing history from Moscow to
Saint Petersburg.

Take a delightful trip up the historic Rhone River in France, from Martiques on the Mediterranean, to Chalon sur Saone on board the fabulous river boat Van Gogh. We'll be stopping along the way to visit beautiful towns along the ports.

Dream cruise invites you on board the luxurious MS Vivaldi of the CroisiEurope Line to sail the waters of the Danube. The cruise will depart from the city of Passau in Germany and sail down the river to Budapest, the capital of Hungary.

It is aboard the Austral, a gigantic 149 meter yacht that we will journey through Antarctica in the presence of penguins, whales, seals, dauphins, carnivorous birds and powerful killer whales!

Dream Cruises invites you to discover the beauties of the Indian Summer along the majestic Saint- Lawrence River on board the Boreal.

On board this themed cruise, we will visit the most stunning golf courses the Mediterranean has to offer, as well as visit dream destinations for any enthusiast of the Great Blue Sea, all aboard one of the most luxurious sailboats in the world.

The Celtic Empire once stretched far and wide over what is now Western Europe. We'll embark on a fantastic 12-day cruise from Lisbon to Reykjavik that will trace some of the roots of these gorgeous and historic parts of the world.

Cruise in the luxurious riverboat Aqua for an intimate encounter with the Peruvian Amazon. Daily excursions deep into the rainforest awaits you!

Welcome on board the MSC LIRICA, where we will discover some of the most beautiful islands of the West Indies. During this cruise we will visit the exotic islands of the Dominican Republic.

Live the life of the rich and famous aboard the Poesia. A luxury liner sponsored by the glamorous Sophia Loren, this vessel takes a seven-day voyage across the Caribbean Sea.

Season Four

Dream Cruise invites you to sail the waters of the Mediterranean Sea and part of the famous Riviera.During our cruise we will stop in Barcelona, La Goulette, Rome, Florence and as well as in Montecarlo.