Culinary Travels

A one-of-a-kind food, wine and spirits-based travel program that takes viewers right to the heart of what’s delicious and indigenous in locations all over the world.


North Carolina's Crystal Coast

Get ready for mouthwatering adventure with Culinary Travels. On this episode - host Dave Eckert is tasting the best seafood and home-style Southern cooking along North Carolina's Crystal Coast.

Baltimore, Maryland

Explore the charming metropolis of Baltimore on this episode of Culinary Travels. Food enthusiast Dave Eckert is sampling flavors from gourmet to everyday - including Polish sausage, micro-brewed beers, and the city's famous crab cakes.

Magical Mendoza

Tango with some of the world's greatest grapes when Culinary Travels heads to Argentina. We're celebrating the country's passion for fantastic food and wine on a whirlwind trip to Mendoza.

Discovering Mendoza

Take a gourmet vacation with Culinary Travels. On today's episode - we're heading to the foothills of the Andes mountains - and discovering the great wine, barbeque, and empanadas of Argentina.


Experience the charm of Quebec City with Culinary Travels. From gourmet dining at a historic chateau to discovering the fresh produce and amazing cheeses of an outdoor market - this destination is a food-lovers dream.


Take on the multicultural city of Montreal with Culinary Travels. We'll stop in at a charcuterie for pate, foie gras, and sophisticated cheeses - and also sample the city's best bagels.

Mendoza, Argentina

Head to the wine country of Argentina when Culinary Travels stops in Mendoza. We'll stop at a vineyard that celebrates family traditions - and meet a winemaker who's just beginning to make a name for himself.

Napa and Sonoma Valley

We're learning the wine stories of Napa Valley and Sonoma with Culinary Travels. From pairings and tastings to a vineyard castle, we'll stop by several famous wine escapes.

Banff, Canada

Get ready to go gourmet in the wild. Culinary Travels is taking you to the Rockies, and sampling the best bison and burgers in Banff, Alberta.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Get ready to take a gourmet adventure - Culinary Travels is checking out the Las Vegas strip. From celeb chefs to room service, come gamble on the high style and great dining of this Nevada escape.

High on Jasper

Join food enthusiast Dave Eckert as he visits Alberta, Canada on Culinary Travels. On this episode, we're checking out the local food, wine, and beer delights of Jasper.

Toronto and Ontario

Explore the flavors of Toronto with Culinary Travels. On this episode - we're talking with the top chefs of the city, finding honey at a downtown hotel, and savoring a great glass of local wine.


Culinary Travels is in Missouri - and heading down to the farm! On this episode, we're checking out prize winning pork in the Ozarks - then heading to Kansas City for great stuffed pizza and barbeque.

Las Vegas

Take a chance on Vegas with Culinary Travels. On this episode - we're sampling a 16 course menu at the MGM Grand before heading off the strip to Lake Las Vegas and Summerland.


Explore the Windy City with Culinary Travels. From American gourmet and Spanish tapas - to a festival celebrating top notch chefs and top shelf wine- get your napkins out for a whirlwind trip to Chicago.

Chilean Wine- Starting from the South

Travel through the vineyards and cellars of Chile with Culinary Travels. We're visiting 3 different wineries in 3 different regions - and learning how Chilean vintners are putting their product on the map.

Chilean Wine- Colonagua to Cachapol

We're heading through wine country when Culinary Travels visits Chile. Come discover the amazing wines of the Cachapoal Valley - and the sloped hillsides of the famous Colchuaga grapes.

Japan - Yellowtail

It's off to Japan on this episode of Culinary Travels with Dave Eckert. We're exploring the country's tradition of fishing - and finding several great recipes to showcase the versatile Yellowtail tuna.

Japan - Sake

We're toasting to the great flavors of Japan on this episode of Culinary Travels. From the rice farm to the brewery - get ready to see what makes a great bottle of sake.

Single Malt Wonders

Get ready to explore the wonders of Single Malt Whisky with Culinary Travels. We're touring the famous Glenfiddich distillery before taste testing an amazing glass of Balvenie.

Connoiseurs Scotland

Culinary Travels is taking on the sights and flavors of Scotland. We'll find steaks, seafood, and single malt scotch outside of Glasgow before finding history at Edinburgh's Prestonfield House.

Chile - Old and New

Come discover the great grapes of Chile with Culinary Travels. Today we're stopping at one of the country's biggest vineyards, Concha y Toro - and learning the legends of the Casillero del Diablo brand.

Chilean Wine - Maipo Valley

Take a gourmet trip through Chile with Culinary Travels. We're sampling high quality grapes and empanadas at the Santa Ema Vineyard before learning how terrain plays a part in Undurraga Wine.

Puerto Vallarta - Mexican Gourmet

We're going gourmet in paradise with Culinary Travels. On this episode - we're in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - and we'll be taste testing tequila before seeing what's cooking with some truly amazing chefs.

Napa Valley - Great Meals & Great Stays

Culinary Travels has found great flavors in Napa Valley. We'll be sampling the region's famous wine before discovering fresh cuisine at two luxury resorts.

Canadian Winter Wonderland

Culinary Travel' is braving the cold to bring you fresh flavors from Canada. From local coffee and ice cream to cuisine that goes from farm to table - get ready to taste the best of Ontario.

Maui Wowie

The rich volcanic soil of Maui creates an environment that booms with agriculture! Join Dave Eckert as he samples the freshest tropical treats of the island and goes behind the natural process of the famous Maui onion at the Maui Onion Festival.

Chi-Town's Finest

Dave Eckert heads back to his hometown of Chicago, a city that boasts a broad range of impressive foods. Follow him on this culinary journey which starts with an international sizzling steakhouse and ends with authentic and tantalizing Thai cuisine.

Amazing Mexico & More

Savor the flavors of culinary greatness around the world as Dave Eckert dines in some of his favorites. Start with the story behind the kitchen of the Marriott Magna in Puerto Vallarta then discover the gourmet walking tours of San Francisco.

Cruising the Danube

Your culinary captain Dave Eckert is headed on an amazing cruise that wows, whether you’re on the shore or on the water. Sample a variety of tastes, from German sausages you can order through the internet, to the vines behind the wines of Austria.

Wining, Dining and Reclining in Napa

Travel to Napa Valley to explore local cuisines. Get a glimpse inside two of the region's prominent wineries and learn the art of pairing wine with food.

Midwest Memories

Visit the kitchen of one of Chicago's best sustainable seafood restaurants. Then see how one chef is turning Kansas City into an emerging hub of cuisine.

California - Sweet Stay

Trek down the coast of California to find the Golden State's most relaxing resorts and delicious dining, with stops in Napa, San Francisco, and Monterey.

Sustainability in Practice

Explore the efforts winemaker's along California's central coast are making to increase sustainability. Get a sample of these excellent wines and learn what goes in to this forward thinking process.

Vegas - Inside the City Center

Join Dave Eckert as he discovers the gems of the city of Vegas and showcases several luxurious culinary locales and the superstar chefs behind their mouth-watering dishes.

Another SIP - more SIP Certified Vineyards

Sustainability in Practice; for winemakers, it means the best products and the best traditions behind these awe-inspiring vineyards and wines.

Mendoza - Rediscovered

Take a trip with Dave Eckert as you experience divine culinary creations from the exotic and alluring Mendoza, Argentina! Wine and dine in style as Dave revisits this delectable culture.

Mendoza - Malbec & More

Take a trip with Dave Eckert as you experience divine culinary creations from the exotic and alluring Mendoza, Argentina! Wine and dine in style as Culinary Travels explores some of the most delectable wines in the world.

Mendoza - Time to Tango

Take a trip with Dave Eckert as you experience divine culinary creations from the exotic and alluring Mendoza, Argentina! Wine and dine in style as Dave revisits this delectable culture.