Cheese Chasers – World Adventures with Will Studd

If you’re partial to cheese, you’ll love this fascinating, entertaining and inspiring journey as Master of Cheese Will Studd takes you behind the scenes of cheese making.



Will visits influential cheese retailer Neal's Yard Diary in London and learns how English traditional farmhouse cheese was saved from extinction. Later, he takes a look at a controversial raw milk blue cheese called Stichelton.

Corsica & Sardinia

Despite being neighbors, these two large islands in the Mediterranean have distinctly different cheese traditions. Will samples Corsica's renowned Brocciu and in Sardinia, he uncovers an ancient curd cheese matured in a goat's stomach.


The Canadian province of Quebec is undergoing a cheese-making revival. Will visits Quebec to find out whether the original French settlers have influenced this renaissance and finds the oldest tradition cheese still made in North America.


Will travels to the rugged mountains of the north to find out more about the king of Portuguese cheeses, Serra da Estrela. Later, he travels to the beautiful island of Sao Jorge in the Azores to learn about the cheese of "little Switzerland".


Will journeys to Italy's picturesque Campania region to look at stretched curd cheese and finds it hard to resist the lingering flavor of buffalo cheese. Will also receives a lesson from the Countess in how to make the perfect wood-fired pizza.


This upper Midwest state is famous for its 'cheese heads' and proudly declares itself America's Diaryland because it produces more cheese than any other state in the USA.

Cyprus & Ibiza

Will travels to the island of Cyprus to see how traditional Haloumi is still made the old fashioned way. Later, Will checks out some unusual ways to cook this delicious cheese in his home town is Melbourne.


Will's cheese tour takes him across the United States to look at artisanal cheese in regions not normally associated with specialist cheese.

French Brie

Will visits the Ile de France region to learn more about the benchmark of the style, Brie de meaux and Brie de Melun, before visiting Brie's close cousin, Chaource, in the Champagne region.


Starting with a visit to Tokyo's leading cheese shop, Fermier, Will looks at the extraordinary rage of cheese's available at the well known Tokyo department store before heading off to Shimizu Farm to see how traditional mountain cheese is made.

Cheeses of Norway

Will travels to the spectacular fjors of Norway to look at rare skimmed milk cheese dating back to the Viking times. After, in the beautiful 'valley of the goats', Will samples Ghetost, an ancient sweet brown caramel cheese similar to fudge.

Cheeses of Sicily

Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean and has a long history of traditional cheese-making influenced by the Greeks, Romans, Arabs and Normans and or course the Italians. Will looks at the many flavors of Sicilian Pecorino.

Cheeses of Denmark

The Danish dairy industry is widely recognized at one of the most efficient in Europe; it produces more blue cheese than any county in the world. Will travels to the island of Bornholm to see how Danablu is made before heading to Copenhagen.

Cheeses of Scotland

Scotland is not renowned for good cheese, but in the rugged rolling highland country, Will unearths an ancient sour cream 'chieftains' cheese called Caboc.

Cheeses of Piedmont, Italy

No Italian region boats as many traditional cheese as Piedmont. Will investigates the many different types of Toma cheese made in the Alps before traveling to the Langhe Hills and meeting the producers of two endangered cheese.

Cheeses of Wales

Many people think the only traditional cheese made in Wales is mild young crumbly Caerphilly, but they're wrong. Will travels to Caws dairy to meet a family responsible for recreating farmhouse Caerphilly.

Cheeses of Tasmania

Will invites a friend to accompany him on a tour of Tasmania and to demonstrate a few of his unusual recipe ideas with the local diary produce. New artisan cheese-makers who have proudly put the country back on the cheese map.

Cheeses of Provence

Will travels to Provence in the South East of France to try Banon, a traditional benchmark goat's milk cheese wrapped in dried chestnut leaves.

Cheeses of Germany

Germany has a long history of cheese-making dating back to pre-Roman times and is also the largest producer of cheese in Europe. After traveling to the Alps to look at a season mountain cheese, Will visits a small biodynamic farm.

Cheeses of India

Will travels to the bustling old city of Kolkata during the Holi festival to learn about the origin's of India's most popular cheese - Paneer. After visiting the ancient cheese market, he discovers how curd is used to make distinctive Chennai sweets.

Cheeses of Israel

Will visits an Arab Israeli family who make traditional ewe's milk cheese at home and then travels to Galilee to look at one of the oldest marinated cheeses in Israel. In the remote Negec desert, Will meets some very unusual goat cheese makers.

Cheeses of Bhutan

Will visits a small farm to see how the local churn butter by hand and samples the local cuisine before being invited to visit one of the oldest monasteries in this devoutly Buddhist country.

Cheeses of Turkey

Will visits the ancient spice markets of Istanbul before driving to Cannakale to learn about this country's most popular marinated cheese Ezine Peynir, and a hard cheese called Mihalic.

French Monks Cheese

Will travels to the abbey of Mont des Cats in Normandy, Citeaux in Burgundy, and Tamie in Savoie to discover how the last examples of Trappist monk’s cheese are being made. He looks at what the future holds for these classic benchmarks.

Cheeses of Italian Alps

Will travels to the foothills of the alps to meet the oldest cheese maker in Italy. He is shown how Asiago d’allevo was once made over a wooden fire, before travelling to the Perenzin family’s dairy to learn about their famous cheeses.

French Butter

Will travels to Normandy and the Charentes-Poitou to visit the two oldest cooperative dairies still making butter the traditional way. After, he travels to Brittany and discovers the secrets behind the art of the Malaxer.

Cheeses of Catalonia & Menorca

Will visits the beautiful city of Barcelona to meet author Enric Canut before travelling to the hills to learn about the revival of traditional Mato and Tupi cheese and a relative newcomer named Garrotxa.

Cheeses of Greece

Will travels to Northern Greece to learn how wooden barrels play an essential role in maturing traditional Feta and how Manouri, an ancient whey cheese, is made. Followed by a trip to the largest Greek isle to sample some local cheese delicacies.

Basque Shepherds Cheeses

Will visits the village of Espelette, famous for its red peppers, before traveling into the mountains to one of the few remaining traditional shepherd huts where the ewes are still milked by hand.

Massif Central & The Auvergne

The rugged plateau of Massif Central and Auvergne is famous for its rich green pastures and its six benchmark AOC French cheeses. Three semi-hard varieties date back to the 12th century and Will explores the differences between them.

Washed Rind Cheeses of France

Munster, Pont l’Eveque, Livarot and Epoisse. These luscious stinky cheeses have a long history but until recently were threatened with extinction. Their growing resurgence is due largely to the vision and hard work of a few passionate dairy owners.

Seasonal Cheeses of the Alps

Will learns how the local spruce forests play an essential role in ripening the unctuous Mont d’Or before he heads to the high summer pastures to visit a farm making the deliciously creamy Reblochon and learns how to grill it under hot coals.

AOC Cheese of Switzerland

Switzerland has a reputation for producing the finest mountain cheeses in the world, and more than 75 per cent are still made from raw milk. Will samples Raclette and learns how it’s traditionally made over a wood fire.

Cheeses of the Netherlands

The Netherlands is the second largest European cheese exporter after France, yet it’s famous for just two cheeses, Edam and Gouda. Will visits the town of Edam to see what the cheese looks like before it is covered in red wax.

Farmstead Cheeses of Northern California

In the United States, artisan and farmhouse cheeses have been at the forefront of a growing consumer backlash against bland mass-produced foods. Will travels to Northern California to find out more about this exciting movement from those responsible.