• The Collection

    Love to collect? Join “The Collection” for some of the most notable compilations around. From great guitars to iconic celebrity items – we’re going to bring you a menagerie of amazing collections.

  • Highway to Fame

    The journey to stardom is long and hard, why not jump on the Highway To Fame? Follow this unscripted series as Directions International conducts its global search for the next big artist in the music industry.

  • Metropolis

    Metropolis is a city slicker's guide to the architecture, design and urban style of some of the most recognized cities in the world.

  • Masters of Illusion

    Masters of Illusion astounds even the most jaded with its fast-paced sleight of hand experts, escape artists, comedy magicians, illusionists and more!

  • Secret Life Of…

    Secret Life Of...is a cheeky and provocative biography series that deliciously dishes dirt on icons of the past. Take this rare glimpse into the rarified world of the rich, famous, and scandalous icons of history.

  • Byzantine Millennium

    Breathtaking art – awe-inspiring architecture – and a truly lasting legacy. We’re visiting Turkey for a look at the fortunes and misfortunes of a great empire with ‘Byzantine Millennium.’

  • The Roman Empire

    Take a trip to the past with “The Roman Empire.” We’ll experience the great power of Roman Rule – and travel throughout Europe and Africa to the remains of this far-reaching civilization.

  • Wild Ones

    On Wild Ones, we discover the rhythms of nature as shown through the wonders of the animal kingdom. We'll explore the exciting world behind animal behavior, from the flights of the birds to the king of the jungle.

  • Vatican’s Treasures

    Decipher the hidden strategies of popes who have collected Renaissance works and commissioned the masters of the time to draw paintings. Also, reveal the untold story behind the birth of masterpieces by the two greatest masters of all time.

  • Travel in Style

    Travel in Style takes you on a journey of class, culture, and luxury, to some of the most unique and seductive locations on the planet. There is no ordinary way to travel, so Travel in Style.