• Blue World

    Cinematographer Jonathan Bird explores the serenity and beauty of the underwater world in this Emmy award nominated series.

  • Branded: The Story of Sex Slavery in the US

    Investigative Journalist Haley Press exposes the second largest criminal industry in the world by exploring the growing enterprise of sex trafficking in the United States alongside law enforcement, recovery organizations, and multiple survivors.

  • Temples & Tombs

    New Orleans may be best known for its parties and parades. Join us as we uncover the spiritual side of the Crescent City, from the underground practice of Voodoo and the above ground cemeteries, to Southern superstitions and cult ceremonies.

  • Fashion Runway

    Tomorrow’s trends are walking down today’s runways – and we’ve got your front row seat. “Fashion Runway” is bringing you the latest styles – straight from Fashion Week.

  • Thailand

    Join host Christina Cindrich as she discovers the best Thailand has to offer. From the exotic culture, 5-star luxury, incredible wildlife and stunning natural beauty, you'll quickly discover why it's one of the most magical destinations on Earth.

  • Jihad: The Grand Deception

    Investigate the covert structure and growing influence of the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamist groups, masquerading false monikers, infiltrating major societal institutions from Congress to Hollywood and federal law enforcement.

  • Belize: The Year of the Maya

    Belize is a country where mysterious jungles surround the Mayan ruins of human history. A place where eco-tourism is keeping both the land and the sea wild, you'll be surprised at how much adventure and culture this country has to offer!

  • Wonderous Dubai

    Once a dry, arid desert, Dubai's landscape now features some of the most outrageous and remarkable architectural feats in the world and is no doubt leaving a legacy that should be visited by all and that will be talked about for years to come.

  • Global Passport

    Known as a premiere destination for snorkeling and diving, Cayman Islands will add much excitement to your Caribbean vacation. Join host Christina Cindrich to experience the treasures of Caymanian culture: the people, the place, and approach to life.