Buying Asia

“Buying Asia” – the definitive guide for property in the Asian Pacific Region. In each episode we will review every country or city allowing you to decide whether it’s a go or no go! We’ll look at taxes, mortgages, rent ability, and sale ability.


Hong Kong

They said in 1997, it was the beginning of the end for Hong Kong as the empire closed down. How wrong they were. Last year Hong Kong was the freest market in the world for the 16th straight year. The impact of China is getting bigger on this market.


From swampy colonial outpost to economic power house, Singapore has come a long way in a very short time. To say this place punches above its weight is the understatement of the year. With 36 percent of the population being foreigners.


It’s a sprawling city of more than 12 million people, has 50 districts and a long river that splits it down the middle. Bangkok gets 10 million people a year, that’s second only to London in terms of tourism.


‘Buying Asia’ in Shanghai, home to 20 million people and the place that Time Magazine called ‘the world’s most happening city’. With 25 percent of all investments taking place in real estate, join me to find out why the money just keeps rolling in.


You say Dubai and I say hello and why not? This place has been the preeminent choice for real estate investment over the last 10 years in the UAE. Join me to find out why.


Starting life as a tin mining shanty town, Kuala Lumpur has transformed into the humming metropolis you see before you. Flushed with a fast paced economy and diverse culture. In the next 15 years this population is going to grow by 40 percent.


Truthfully, over the last 20 years these people have been through some very turbulent times in Tokyo and wider Japan. Land prices here are down 40 percent since 1991.


It’s not just the motorbikes that go at breakneck speed in Ho Chi Minh city as this economy is rushing to the future. Everyone here is a businessman and you’ve got to love them for it.