Boys Toys

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Get Ready, our gear head host is taking you on a search for some of the world’s state of the art cars, bad-ass boats and all around mind blowing- toys for big boys.


Season One

Buckle up! Tech savvy host Jenn Barlow is showing you some mind blowing toys for big boys. Badass bikes, yachts and the ultimate “man-cations” will leave you giggling like a child.

Jenn Barlow is cruisin' through fearless Florida showing you an exclusive look at the new luxurious Lazarra yacht, tricked out carts, the ultimate kit planes and plenty of other extreme machines.

Jenn Barlow is cruisin' through fearless Florida showing you an exclusive look at the new luxurious Lazarra yacht, tricked out carts, the ultimate kit planes and plenty of other extreme machines.

Hold on tight because Jenn Barlow is taking you on a heart-pounding ride in search of the most remarkable toys on the planet. From an aircraft of the future to the most expensive car in the world, these are the ultimate toys for big boys.

Jenn Barlow is taking you all around in search of the most exciting machines you can buy. From a one of a kind amphibious vehicle to a plane that flies with no engine. This extreme show will have you re-evaluating your definition of the word "cool."

Get ready, our gear head host is taking you in search for the coolest cars on the planet. From a three-wheeled green car, Ferrari's latest feat, to an extreme off road vehicle, this fun show will have you rushing to trade in your mini-van.

Ready for your exclusive pass into the ultimate playground for men? Jenn Barlow is heading to Dubai showing you the most opulent toys for big boys. From a million dollar mobile mansion to a gold plated Nissan GTR. This show puts an extra V in V-I-P!

Gear heads unite, Jenn Barlow is taking you on the hunt for some more one of a kind machines. From a toy that will have you reliving your youth to a vicious vehicle that is derived from all things off-road. This is one hair raising show.

Gentleman, get your suits on! Jenn Barlow is taking you to the world's most extravagant event and showing you the most lavish toys you can buy. From a beautifully crafted sailing yacht to a sport car that is making James Bond jealous.

Get set for an action packed episode of Boy Toys. From unbelievable flying machines, the studliest eco-friendly cars and a craft that will take you where no man has gone before. This is one hot show you can't afford to miss.

Get Ready, we're running with the bulls! Well, three models of Lamborghini, that is. And a whole slew of other fantasy toys for big boys. From mega yachts to flying machines, this is one extreme episode of Boys Toys.

Get ready for a show that will knock your socks off. From Bugatti to aerobatic planes, this time around we're showing you which toys reigned supreme over the entire season. Find out which machine has what it takes to be king of Boys Toys.

Get ready gearheads, we're at the Festivals of Speed seeking out the fastest machines you can buy. From a super boat that's like a Bugatti of the beach to a whole helping of delicious dream cars.

Season Two

If you like out-of-this-world cars and the newest state of the art guy gadgets, then wait until you see what we wrangled up on our second trip to Dubai at the Big Boys Toys Convention. Believe us when we say, this is the Mecca for all man toys!

Wanna have a rip roarin' time? We’re traveling the globe getting you into the worlds best events for toys. From a luxury event in Beverly hills to the most famous auto shows on the planet. We have the scoop on all the machines you’re longing to have.

On this episode join host Jenn Barlow as she uncovers exclusive amphibious vehicles, pimped out bomb proof man caves, and unbelievable new ways to get across town.

From ultimate hunting vehicles to customized grills and even a new extreme way to fly, in this episode of Boys Toys, we wrangled up some unrivaled machines that you won't see anywhere else.

The Pebble Beach Concourse known for showcasing the top pedigree in performance . If you wanna see the rarest of cars or those with mind blowing price tags upwards of $10 million dollars, you have to watch this auto filled episode of Boys Toys.

This is a very special edition of Boys Toys! We're heading to Germany, a place known for their hot dogs and even hotter rides. Get ready for some eye-catching car candy because we are heading to the one, the only, Frankfurt International Auto Show.

If you're looking for a show that brings you the freshest and innovative machines out there, we've got them! From an incredible flying water toy to a futuristic car that flies over traffic, boys toys has all the flyest toys you could dream of.

We are going in for Round 2 at the Festivals of Speed! If you want to live the life of luxury, or have the need for speed, this event is the epicenter of awesome, and will get you an up close encounter to some of the coolest machines known to man.

We're on the hunt for the most exciting experiences that Hong Kong has to offer! From an exclusive ride in a spine-tingling super car, a dream mega-yacht, and an adrenaline pumping water sport, get set for a trip of a lifetime!

From the rarest dream rides to spine tingling race cars, Atlanta is filled with the hottest rides and experiences for guys. Consider this your VIP access to some high octane fun.

If you’re looking for some high-octane fun or badass mode of transport, we have an action packed show filled with all of the coolest toys out there. From drones, F1 cars and everything in between. This is an envelope-pushing episode of Boys Toys.

Looking for the craziest flying machines out there? In this elevated episode of Boys Toys we’re heading to Oshkosh, one of the largest air shows in the world, getting you exclusive access to Honda Jet, Cirrus, NASA and More.

Are you ready for the crem de la crem of all car events? We are heading to Motor Week for a gathering of the legends. From extravagant historical rides, to outrageous supercars; this is a collection of the most notable rides out there.