Behind the Gates

Ever wondered what life is like inside those truly amazing mega-mansions? Well, get ready for a VIP open house on Behind the Gates.


Season One

Ever wondered what life is like inside those truly amazing mega-mansions? Well, get ready for a VIP open house - we've landed at a handful of spectacular estates in California, Florida, and New Jersey - and we're bringing you Behind the Gates.

Here’s your chance to peer inside the most exclusive addresses in the nation. We’re taking you Behind the Gates of mega mansions from Malibu to Miami to uncover four exquisite estates, from a palatial Pacific paradise to a majestic Moroccan manor.

On this Episode we are going behind the gates the most exclusive mega-mansions in Southern California.

Behind the Gates is taking you house hunting for the best lakefront properties on Billionaire Row! Also, go behind the story of the Harrah's and discover how you can live like this famous gambling family.

The warm shores of La Jolla have been home to multimillion dollar properties for generations. Vic Alavi gets to live a fantasy and play the role of a buyer. From the famous beaches to the exclusive hillside, which property will be the one he chooses?

Known for its natural beauty and eclectic citizens, the San Francisco Bay Area is home to some of the most creative and successful people in America; not just any mansion will do. Vic Alavi takes a tour of the estates for the creative elite.

The housing market may be down, but buying properties in Vegas is taking off! Join Vic Alavi as he explores exclusive penthouse apartments and a full city block compound where the legendary Las Vegas Strip is your own backyard.

Behind the Gates leaves the states for the first time and heads to Baja, Mexico. Join our host as he escapes to the most extravagant and wildest homes south of the border.

Behind the Gates is getting you access to the most extreme homes in the world. From a 43 million dollar winery estate to a 23 million dollar Italian villa, this episode hosts some of the most outrageous homes ever built.

On this episode, host Vic Alavi explores Laguna Beach to give you an unprecedented look inside the most spectacular, one-of-a-kind, multi-million dollar homes, in a town where money is no object.

From Malibu to Beverly Hills, Los Angeles is a place where the rich and famous live large and everyone has a dream. Join host Vic Alavi as he uncovers Hollywood's playground and the estates that are a perfect fit for celebrity A-listers.

Have you ever wanted to own your own oceanfront property? Well here's your chance to get the keys to the most elite seaside estates in the world. Join host Vic Alavi as he goes behind the gates of some of the most insane oceanfront properties.

Behind the Gates is taking you to the tropical paradise of the Dominican Republic. This utopian mecca has some of the most elite and spectacular estates in the world.

Take a tour of spectacular spaces custom created for some of the most lavish and distinctive homes. From a teach savvy Nantucket beach house to a $35 million mega-mansion, we're giving you the keys to the most luxurious properties around the world.

Season Two

We're going to grant you elite access to four jaw-dropping Dallas estates. From country side equestrian and French style mansions to a dazzling high-rise penthouse; these dream homes are all one of a kind.

Take an exclusive tour of four truly epic private estates, from a $20 million French-inspired, California chateau by the sea and a luxuriously sleek and modern all-glass house, to the ultimate Hollywood Hills celebrity bachelor pad.

Tour some of the finest properties money can buy. From a luxurious San Francisco Penthouse to an award winning Napa Valley vineyard estate. Join host, Elena Buenrostro as she visits four of the most exclusive homes offered in the Bay Area.

Behind the Gates is taking you to the Bahamas. Join host Elena Buenrostro as she tours the most opulent island homes in the Caribbean.

Prepare to be seduced by So Cal! We are getting you access to some of the most extravagant properties: from an estate inspired by Hollywood’s elite past to a grand house equipped with a bowling alley and its very own night club!

Join Anjie Balla for a private tour into four palatial properties, from a $36 million dollar home in the Hollywood Hills to an oceanfront Tuscan estate with a private beach.

Host Anjie Balla will be gives you a private tour into four captivating estates in Southern California.

Anjie Balla gives you exclusive access into four coastal compounds from a San Diego penthouse to a beach front home carved into a rock.

Anjie Balla gives you VIP access into Oscar worthy homes with mega-million dollar price tags on Behind the Gates.

From a 90210, dream home with the best view in LA, to a posh Vegas penthouse that comes with its own spine tingling supercar ... and more. This episode of Behind the Gates will give you a taste of the lavish life.

On this episode of Behind the Gates, host Christina Cindrich is teaming up with one of Instagram’s hottest luxury accounts to show you Southern California’s most amazing estates and the all-encompassing lifestyle experience that accompanies it.