American Food Battle

American Food Battle is an irresistible road trip, where European chefs Henri Alén & Nicolas Thieulon meet the New World’s cuisine and people. Who will win this culinary battle?


Turtle Cooking

In Ocala, Florida, devoted hunters Rick and Dave reveal the secrets of turtling to our chefs. Rick and Dave are renowned experts when it comes to cooking turtle dishes, but Henri and Nicolas have no idea how to prepare a challenging turtle dish.

Best Veggie Burger of Texas

Henri and Nicolas travel to Texas and today's theme: fast food. Eydie, the queen of hamburgers, is the opponent and the challenge is the best veggie burger in Texas. With everything bigger in Texas, a veggie burger challenge may be too big to handle.

A Day as a Cowboy

In Houston, Texas Henri and Nicolas are set against a true cowboy, Nick Castleberg of George Ranch. Henri and Nicolas will have to cook with the assistance of only camp fire and tools of the old wild west – how does one bake bread on an open fire?

Little Haiti

Can chefs Henri and Nicolas face off in a cooking challenge against the culture rich community of Little Haiti? In this episode, they go head to head with the masters of this region.

Ragin' Cajun Housewives

In Mississippi, Henri and Nicolas are set against three mighty housewives straight from Louisiana Marshlands. In these foreign surroundings Henri and Nicolas are introduced to a completely new ingredient - alligator. How will our chefs handle this?

Health Food in LA

Los Angeles is home to health-centric cuisine that has only been mastered by a very few. With unique ingredients and a challenge unlike any other, chefs Henri and Nicolas must prove that they can cook as cleanly as the Californians.

The Hurricane Man

In New Orleans, Henri and Nicolas meet local culinary arts master Chef Voleo, who has risen to be a symbol of perseverance during catastrophies such as the hurricanes and floods. Can Henri and Nicolas rise to the challenge of this cuisine master?

Sushi Master

This time chef Kenny Yamada will be challenged. How can our European chefs match to his culinary expertise? They discover the Asian food culture in L.A. strolling around the Korea and China Town and trying some authentic flavors from street kitchens.

Navy Seal Hunting

Henri and Nicolas have arrived in Northern California, to Priest Valley Ranch, to meet a real-life treasure hunter Cork Graham, who takes them wild boar hunting! How will Henri and Nicholas survive the boar challenge?

Family Battle

In San Francisco, Nicolas' brother-in-law, chef and restaurant owner Matthew Dolan, takes the challenge. In this episode our chefs find out how to cook sea food 'Frisco style and discover the authentic local cuisine.

Mexican Family Fiesta

Local specialties and street kitchens in Tijuana can take a traveler by surprise - how about having a taste of grasshopper and some tripe? Our chefs are invited to a Mexican family party in Eastern L.A.

Italian Nonnas

In Staten Island NY, Henri and Nicolas will be challenging Luisa and Margherita, the two grand old ladies of the italian restaurant Enoteca Maria. Our chefs must come up with a mind-blowing recipe in order to beat these Italian grandmothers.

Stars and Gumbo

On this episode, Chefs Henri and Nicolas must master a dish that is as unique as its many ingredients -- gumbo. But can they cook it up better than the champs?

Squirrel for Supper

On this highly unique challenge, chefs Henri and Nicolas must face one of their biggest culinary tests yet. Can they master a cuisine that is distinguished and very unknown to them?

Whale Au Vin

The Inuit tribe has a customary dish that can only be mastered by very few. Will Chefs Henri and Nicolas have to hunt whale during their trip with a traditional tribe in Alaska?

Navajo Secrets

The unique culinary art of the Navajo has been passed down within their culture for generations, and now Chefs Henri and Nicolas must learn it and master it in a day.

Blue Hawaii

This culinary road trip is traveling over waters as Chefs Henri and Nicolas attempt to master traditional island dishes in beautiful blue Hawaii.

The Detroit Grill King

Chefs Henri and Nicolas take on the grill masters of Detroit and hope to trump them at their own local cuisine.

The Great Hunters of Alaska

It's a double challenge for Chefs Henri and Nicolas, as they are tasked to not only cook traditional Alaskan cuisine, but catch it as well.

Shrimp To Go

This challenge will prove that shrimp is not an easy dish to prepare, and Chefs Henri and Nicolas must take on the masters.

Cooking Like Amish

This unique challenge required Chefs Henri and Nicolas to dive right into the Amish lifestyle as they master some of their traditional dishes.

Little Ethiopia in Hollywood

A master chef of Ethiopian cuisine will challenge Henri and Nicolas to learn some of the unique flavors of these spicy and rich dishes.