Addicted to Money

Everything you need to know about what caused the financial meltdown, what lies ahead, and what we all need to do to survive in the new economy.

Who Killed the Economy?

David McWilliams sifts through forensic evidence of the last decade, leading to suspense, false leads, bent cops, low-level corruption, and dreadful laziness at the top; all in his quest to answer Who Killed the Economy?

Nowhere to Hide

The global economy has gone into cardiac arrest and David McWilliams takes us on a road-trip through crisis country to give us his diagnosis – looking at the damage caused by our addiction to money and facing the hard truth: there’s Nowhere to Hide.

Peak Everything

Economist and author David McWilliams consults some of the most innovative and exciting developments around the globe as we embark on a quest for re-building a sustainable economy and a sustainable planet.

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