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Want to know what’s hip? Get caught up to date with “411.” We’ll go behind the velvet ropes and bring you all the trends you need to know. From celebrity parties to fun filled escapes – it’s never been easier to live the high life.


Hot Clubs and Cool Winter Wear

Join host Jill Simonian as she explores some of the hottest night clubs in Southern California. Also on this episode, learn some trendy tips for winter wear. There's no reason not to look hot during a chilly season!

Sidewalk Art, Louis Vuitton, & Paul McCartney

Join host Jill Simonian as she uncovers the culture of sidewalk art, attends the opening of Louis Vuitton’s flagship store in Paris, and watches a new music video featuring Paul McCartney.

Jack F.M. Million Dollar Morning Show Contest

Imagine receiving a one million dollar contract just to talk. That's exactly what one lucky person won in Jack F.M.'s Million Dollar Contest! Find out more about the outrageous contest and take a look at the latest in puppy fashion on this episode.

Buick Invitational, Z-Wave System, & Yellowcard

Join host Jill Simonian as she goes behind the greens of the Buick Invitational. Also, on this episode, take a look at Yellowcard's music video, and discover the new Z-wave system that makes controlling your home as easy as pushing a button!

Quidam, Fashion Week, & Chronicles of Narnia

Watch the surreal turn real when we visit Cirque Du Soleil's traveling show. Also, visit NY and L.A.'s Fashion Weeks, attend Kids Korps USA's Annual Gala, and top it off with a special music video from The Chronicles of Narnia soundtrack!

Gourmet Ice Cream Contest

We always bring you the hottest experiences the world has to offer. From joining a club that has the latest luxury toys to checking out an extravagant gourmet ice cream contest - we always have the scoop on trendy events you might have missed.

Harley Davidson Museum

411 takes you to the most fantastic events around the globe. We’ll meet a world-renowned marine artist, and see the groundbreaking of the new Harley Davidson museum. Plus, crash a LA party of some successful young celebrities.

Featuring: Emmy Nominated TV Wardrobes & Bio Diesel Transportation

Come live the high life with ‘411.’ On this episode – we’re heading to the City of Angels for some legendary Hollywood costumes – and chatting with a talented young chef.

Dream Cars, Pick Up Artists, Plush Hotels

‘411’ is giving you a lesson on style. On this episode – we’re checking out a plush hotel designed by some Italian masters – and getting advice for those lovelorn Romeos from a modern day pick up artist.

Director from Artic Tale, and interview with Colbie Caillat, and host Ann Franken on a trapeze

Fly through the air on a circus trapeze, sip tea with a royal family favorite, and learn easy ways to help save polar bears and walruses. We're bringing you the hottest events the world has offer - don't miss a minute of fun with 411 on AWE.

Karch Kairay-Professional Volleyball Player, The Wavehouse, SpaMD, Sling Shot, Norah Jones-Sinking Soon Music Video

Cherie Woods takes you for a wild ride in this episode of “411”. Join the fun as we test the waves at the Wavehouse, meet Olympic volleyball player Karch Kiraly, and much more. You’re not going to want to miss this exciting episode of “411”.

Halloween Special

Join Cherie Woods and the other lovely ladies at AWE as they explore the haunted sites of Hollywood, check out The Queen Mary, and the hottest Halloween parties. Don’t miss this chilling episode of “411”.

FIDM, Nelson J, Night on the Runway, Club Aston

If you love the glitz of Tinseltown – the next 411 is for you. We’re showing you how to live like a star – with fabulous hair, dazzling costumes, gourmet meals, and the favorite car of a debonair spy.

Going Green Special: Living homes, Annatrian fashion

Want to live like royalty but in eco-friendly style? Get ready for “411.” We're touring a luxury home aimed at the environmentally savvy and meeting a fashion designer who excels at eco-couture. It's never been easier or more fashionable to go green.

Targa Trophy, Salvador Dali, Night on the Runway, Yacht Fashion, music video by John Mayer "Say"

By air, land, and sea, 411 takes you to some of the hottest parties. See fast wheels as we follow the Targa Trophy Rally. Discover enticing fashion, and get inside the mind of Salvador Dali. You won’t want to miss this episode of 411.

Zandra Rhodes Fashion Show, Ice Curling, Angel flight west, Sunset strip party, Music Video by Aly and AJ "Like Whoa"

In this episode of 411, we explore the fashion world of Zandra Rhodes, take on the Olympic sport Ice Curling, visit famous Sunset Strip for a music extravaganza, and learn about one airline that is helping others fly.

Project Angel Food, Personal Training, Wine and Balloon Fest, Eric Solomon

Tune into 411 and learn about the non-profit organization Project Angel Food. Get fitness tips from a celebrity personal trainer, escape with us at the Temecula Balloon and Wine Festival, and see an exclusive performance from Eric Solomon.

Ifly Hollywood, Bullrun Rally, Vibrating for Fitness

For high flying adventure - don't miss "411." We're learning how to skydive indoors, checking out an elite rally race, and shaking through the latest trends in fitness.

Patek Philippe Luxury Watches, Merlin Castell, Private Chef, Music Video by Tristian Prettyman

Get stylish with '411.' We're hitting the runway with fashion designer Merlin Castell, playing in the kitchen with a talented personal chef, and learning the history of Patek Phillipe watches.

The 5 Browns, Macallan Scotch Whiskey, Prepping for Award Season

We're tackling the pursuits of the elite in a fresh, funky style. Come taste some of the world's best scotch - meet a quintet of piano prodigies - and learn what it takes to prep for award season on this episode of '411.'

Gen Art Fashion, Accessories for Men, Conga Room

If you’re looking for what’s hip in the world today - ‘411’ has the answer. Get ready to salsa the night away at LA hotspot the Conga Room – and check out the latest fashions from a trio of designing talents.

Art / Fashion / Cooking

Get ready to spice things up - ‘411’ is bringing you great art, fashion, food, and style. We’ll meet a master photographer, get the latest trends from your favorite clothing lines, and see how Slow Foods will change the way you dine.

Christmas - Gepetto's, Westgate tree lighting, Knott's Merry Farms, Stingaree, House light show

411 is celebrating the holiday season in style. Meet Snoopy and his friends at Knott’s Merry Farm; see a sneak peek of the Nutcracker, a house decorated with dancing lights, hot toys, and cheerful drinks. Don’t miss this very merry episode of 411.