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Dream Cruises


Dream Cruises on AWE
Sail away with us on state of the art vessels fit for adventure on the seas.
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Moosemeat & Marmalade


Moosemeat and Marmalade on AWE
A bush cook and a classically trained chef explore culture, worldview and really good food.
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8:00 PM ET Window to the Louvre
9:00 PM ET The Roman Empire
10:00 PM ET Tales of Castles and Kings
11:00 PM ET The Roman Empire



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8:30 PM ET Distant Shores
9:00 PM ET Dream Cruises
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11:00 PM ET Behind the Gates
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8:00 PM ET Wealth on Wheels Classics
8:30 PM ET Wealth on the Water
9:00 PM ET The Collection
9:30 PM ET Another Shade of Blue
10:00 PM ET Short History of the World
10:30 PM ET WOW
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